Udaariyaan 23 July 2022 written update

At the beginning of the episode, Tejo goes into her room and thinks that it is brightened. Fateh is remaining external to the Sandhus’ home recalling Tejo. Naina’s melody plays in the BG. Tejo takes a gander at her reflection in the mirror and notices her vermillion and mangalsutra. Tejo asks Satti for what valid reason her room is changed and seems to be a youngster’s room. She inquires as to why they all think that she’s talking typically now and inquires as to whether she was another person. She requests that Satti come clean. Satti starts to come clean, yet Rupy stops her and requests that Tejo rest. Tejo gets some information about Angad. She inquires as to whether they call him and where he is. Rupy abstains from addressing her inquiries posing to her to rest for the time being.

Fateh wishes that Tejo’s misconception could be cleared and all could be well. He ponders where Jasmine would be currently. There Sandhus examine Jasmine who is remaining in her companion’s home for two days. They feel that it’s because of Tejo’s misconception and trust that Tejo’s confusion will get cleared soon so Jasmine can get back. Here Fateh feels that Jasmine would be as yet plotting against Tejo. He saw a kid is going to get hit by a vehicle. He saves that youngster and chastens the driver. Tejo awakens hearing Fateh’s yell. Tejo removes a stick and goes from the house. Rupy and Satti watch this.

Tejo comes to Fateh and censures him. She hits Fateh with the stick blaming him for killing her unborn child. Rupy and Satti stop Tejo and says that Fateh is blameless. He requests that Tejo trust her father. He takes her inside. Harman requests that Fateh return home as the circumstance isn’t correct. Rupy tells Tejo that Angad is liable for whatever occurred with Tejo and Fateh and Jasmine aren’t guiltless. He says that he is her guilty party as he needed to get her hitched to Angad. He says that Tejo lost her unborn child in view of Angad and not Fateh and Jasmine.

Angad touched off the fire. Tejo will not trust this. She says that Angad is her companion and she planned to wed him. She inquires as to why he would do this. She says that they have a misconception. Rupy denies it and says that Angad admitted it without anyone else in London. He lets everything know that occurred in London. Tejo says that it implies Fateh is blameless. Rupy says OK and adds that Fateh even lost Amril in London and tells about Amrik’s passing. Tejo asks how she can fail to remember her kid. Satti that she lost her psychological state after her mishap and Fateh cared for her. Tejo cries subsequent to understanding reality.

Satti applies a home cure to Fateh’s injuries and apologizes on Tejo’s half. Fateh jokes. All at once, Jasmine calls Satti. The last option says that Jasmine additionally becomes a casualty of Tejo’s misconception and is remaining at Sweety’s home. Fateh says that he will converse with her and requests that Satti cleans up. Fateh asks Jasmine for what reason she didn’t leave from here yet. Jasmine attempts to track down a reason to remain. She says that she has no changing garments and asks for her time. Fateh rejects. He requests that she leave right away and takes steps to get her captured. Anyway, Jasmine won’t get terrified of Fateh’s aggressive statement and surrender.

Simran gets a call from a puzzling man, who gets some information about Candy. Simran asks what his identity is. He says that she will get to know him soon and hangs the call. Simran gets stressed tracking down the voice recognizable. She calls Buzzo to tell them about this and calls him. Buzzo is with Fateh. Buzzo shows in a video call Fateh and say that Tejo beat him. He requests to call family to show Fateh. The last option requests that Buzzo hush up. Fateh sees Tejo remaining in the gallery crying. He goes to Tejo. He wipes Tejo’s tears.