Udaariyaan written update 15 May 2022 weekly

Last week, Tejo cried in front of Angad. She tells him that Fateh tried to kill her. Angad told her to forget all this and move on. On the other hand, Amrik was telling Fateh that Anagd is a very dangerous man. Fateh decided that we have to save Tejo before Anagd do anything with her. Anagd told Tejo to take rest. Jasmine went to Tejo’s house but she didn’t find anyone. She thought Fateh might have gone to Anagad’s house. Fateh was peeking into Anagd’s house. Tejo tell Anagd to drop her at café. Angad said we should go somewhere else she will feel good.

Amrik came to Jasmine and told her that Tejo’s cafe is closed. Jasmine ask why he was not picking up her call. Amrik say that he was talking to mom. Jasmine asked if he acknowledged everything to her. Amrik nods his head. Jasmine scolds Amrik for revealing everything to them. Amrik said she was worried and Fateh was also not telling her anything. Jasmine says she won’t go anywhere leaving London. Fateh saw Tejo standing alone and goes close to her. He told Tejo that Anagd tried to kill her that day. Angad spotted Fateh talking to Tejo.

Tejo was asking Anagd how to get rid off Fateh. He tells Tejo we should go far from London. Anagd told her that he won’t let her do anything. Tejo was wondering that why Fateh saved her if he is trying to kill her. Fateh was praying to god so that Tejo could know the truth about Angad. Jasmine say we have to do something so that Anagd himself confess his mistake.

Fateh decided to take police help and talks to them over a call. Angad stopped Tejo from going home. Tejo was panicking. Fateh was about to tell the police about Tejo but Jasmine stopped him. Tejo was regretting that she should believe Fateh. Jasmine told Fateh not to discuss this with anyone because Anagd had too many contacts that’s why he haven’t get caught yet. Anagd brought something for Tejo to eat. She doubt that he had mixed something in it. Mahi friends came and acknowledge to her that the video went viral and she shouldn’t go out for some days. Simran told her not to worry everything will get fixed.

Angad confesses that he hasn’t taken any treatment and tries to manipulate both the families. He told them that he decided to kill Tejo so that she won’t be anyone. Fateh started smiling and said he recorded his confession and sent it to Bujjo. Fateh says he ended the story which he started. Angad said he will take everyone with him. Before Angad could do anything Fateh hits him. At last, Angad got his gun and he was about to kill Tejo. Amrik rushed to save her. Angad shot the bullet and everyone got shocked.

The doctor came out and told Fateh to meet Amrik he wants to say something. Fateh asked how’s he doing? The doctor told him that he has very less time. Jasmine and Fateh went inside the room. Fateh told Amrik that there is nothing to worry just get well soon. Amrik says he knows that he can’t go back to India. He told Fateh to take care of everyone. Fateh says don’t speak like this we all will go. Amrik asked about Tejo. Fateh says she is completing all the formalities. Amrik gets up and hugged Fateh. He told him not to cry. He told Fateh to tell everyone that he loves them a lot. He said not to cry after his death. Jasmine says don’t worry he will be fine. Amrik takes his last breath on Fateh’s shoulder.

Khusveer and Bujjo came to the parliament office. He blamed Rupy for defaming his family by leaking Mahi’s video. Rupy asked him to talk in limits as they won’t do such things. Abhiraj said the whole college knows that she was dating someone and he himself saw her in s café. Bujjo thought if she really went to meet him again. Khusveer warned Rupy that if gets any proof against his party then he will cross the limits. Khusveer was putting garland on Tejo’s photo. Gurpreet thought this needed to be stopped. Simran asks her when Fateh will come back. Gurpreet says he will come along with Jasmine and Amrik. Sirman get’s happy and thanks god. Fateh was sitting and crying somewhere. Tejo comes from the opposite side. Fateh came near seeing Tejo. She gently pushes him back.

What’s in Tejo’s mind?

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Udaariyaan”.

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