Sasural Simar Ka 2 written update 15 May 2022 weekly

Last week we saw Simar sitting outside Aarav’s room. Gitanjali Devi came and told Simar that this is not her place. She tells Simar that she can understand her pain. Simar say she is the base of this family she can’t be weak like this. Gitanjaali Devi ask how she is managing all this bravely. Simar tells Gitanjaali Devi that Aarav is in more pain. Gitanjaali Devi say he is also a grandson of Gopi ji. Simar asked what? Gitanjaali Devi said come with her. Dhami tells Aarav that she will sit on the bed with veil and he would remove it. Aarav was not willing to do anything but she blackmails him. Simar told Reema that she won’t cry more and stop Dhami from doing anything. Reema asked if she had think what to do. Simar said she wants to meet Aarav in personal as something is there which he is hiding.

Simar was praying to god. Sandhya ask if she got to know about something from Aarav. Before she would say anything Dhami appears over there. She threw pearls on the stairs. Gitanjaali Devi was coming down from the stairs. Simar was also coming to alert Gitanjali Devi. Dhami alerts Gitanjaali Devi of those pearls but Gitanjaali. Simar started removing those pearls immediately. Gitanjaali Devi praises Simar for removing it. Dhami tells Simar that this only her real value. Simar get’s into an argument with her. Dhami say after 39, minutes she won’t be in a position to speak. Aarav also helps Simar in picking those pearls. Dhami came back to her room and told Aarav that he haven’t done anything. Aarav cuts his hand because Simar is also suffering from pain. He warn her that he will harm him if she try to trouble Simar.

Dhami comes into the kitchen and misbehaves with the cook. Simar told to mind her tongue. She said this is not America and he is not her servant so talk with respect with him. Dhami say don’t give lectures as she came here to cook food for her family. Simar said she is most welcome but from next time don’t misbehave or she might slap her.

Aditi came back home. Everyone welcomes her. Gitanjali Devi asked Simar to start the post wedding ritual. Simar tells Aditi that she is having too many relations with her. She was about to do the Tilak but Dhami stopped her. Dhami told Simar that she can’t do this because she is note her sister in law. Aditi told Dhami that she only consider Simar as her daughter in law. Suddenly Aditi feels dizzy and they took her inside. Dhami thought of doing something as they are being over smart.

Reema and Dhami were searching for any strong evidence against Dhami. Suddenly they realised that someone switched on the AC. Vivan came there and asked what’s giving on? Simar said we are finding information about Dhami. Vivan say they won’t get anything. Simar saye if he really cares for her then reveal what he knows.

Gitanjali Devi refused to see any video. She told her that no one can’t doubt Simar at any cost. Sandhya says she is like a pure soul. Reema asks Dhami if she is done. Simar showed a video in which she was planning along with Samar. She asks Dhami what’s the truth. She scolded her for doing such things. Gitanjali Devi told Dhami that this family is with Simar and supports her every time. Simar saw Reema with Dhami’s phone. They were trying to unlock her phone. Simar said first we will transfer the data then we will think of unlocking it. Suddenly Gitanjali Devi came into the room. She told them not to fear. She knows that they are doing it for the family only. She gave them full freedom to do anything just let Aarav free from her trap. Simar promised that this will only happen. She told Reema to use her smartness but be careful.

Will Simar get any proof against Dhami?

This was the weekly summary of your favorite show “Sasural Simar Ka 2”.

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