Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 14 May 2022 written update: Surya divorces Gehna

At the beginning of the episode, Gehna told Surya that Urmila is his real mother. Surya gets Angry and asks her not to joke. Gehna says that she made their DNA report. Suhani asks her not to break them apart. Surya asks Suhani that he doesn’t believe in Gehna but what about the DNA report. Suhani says that she can swear on Surya. Dadi asks to take Sarika to swear. Sarika asks him not to lie.

Surya gets Shocked and said that he should know his truth. Suhani asks him to listen to her once. Gehna asks Surya to not to go but Surya goes with suhani. Gehna calls Urmila and said that it’s time to reveal everything. Sarika throws Gehna’s phone and said that she break her house. Gehna said that the truth Should come out. Gehna prays to God.

Surya comes down and asks Gehna if she is right but lets him leave with her. Surya asks Gehna why he decided not to leave Suhani. Gehna said that she is not against Suhani but she is using him because of her son. Gehna says that she can’t stay with the one who wants to ruin her. Gehna asks him to choose between Suhani and her. Surya shows his belongings to Gehna and said that she kept Everything. Surya said that he will choose Suhani over Gehna. Gehna said that he is superstitious. Surya says that he will divorce her. Gehna gets Shocked.

Surya says that she can’t live without Suhani. Suhani says that he Shouldn’t do this and pretends that she is Worried for him. Surda blames Gehn. He asks her that she is breaking their relationship and asks her to leave the house. Suhani and Sarika gets happy.

Upcoming story: Gehna asks Surya to give her one more chance so that he can prove everything. Surya shuts the door in front of Gehna. Gehna asks God that he is checking patience level of her. Gehna said that she will not lose like before.

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