Union Budget: Fuel prices must be reduced, say celebrities

The Union budget is all set to be announced and these celebrities share their expectations from the same

Esha Gaur
I feel that it is important to reduce the cost of oil and pulses, so that the lower strata of society can have food nicely and stay healthy.

Hansa Singh
The Union budget should do something about petrol / diesel prices . That’s what I wish to see this year. And of course, we need some changes in income tax slab and GST too. I hope against hope that this happens. Post Covid, all prices, including even air fares, are just shooting up.

Navin Prabhakar
I think the hike in the fuel prices definitely affects the general public. The daily wage workers must be happy with the néw tax slab, or the middle-class office staff class workers must be given the benefit of a decrease in budget price effect, so that they can at least get some relief. General needs like insurance and medical emergencies or their kids’ education will be more accessible to them. So, the gas prices, CNG, electricity, prices of dal, rice, aata, vegetables, travelling becomes expensive and that must be controlled on a priority basis. Entertainment is a luxurious thing for the common man. Weekend is the only time where they enjoy spending time with their family. It’s again a good thing if the government is thinking about reducing taxes on that.

Nikhil Nanda
This is going to be the last budget before the elections next year. So the government has to be in the most popular mode. The global economy is going through a rough patch. India is the only shining knight in this global economy right now. I think that also the government would be taking some progressive steps for the investments in India to become more attractive. I think this budget is going to be aggressive in terms of inviting investment and being more business friendly.

Hitanshu Jinsi
In the past few years, I have seen various types of new taxes being introduced. but their result is not shown. I think the government should keep transparency on what is being done with tax money after all its public money. And undoubtedly, taxes should be reduced as much as possible, so that the life of the common people can be made easier.

Ambuj Dixit
I really hope that the new budget is more middle class friendly ranging from Lpg prices , fuel and food items . Our country’s core belongs to the middle class and they are the ones whose well being and prosperity should be of utmost importance. As far as betterment for the entertainment industry, I really believe that Exhibitors are the backbone of the industry and their survival is important for our financial well-being. Reduced entertainment tax along with single-window clearances for shoots in the country and the ease of doing business will go a long way in boosting our morale. We wield immense soft power but our financial power does not match it when it comes to getting the support that many other industries enjoy. I hope, this time the Budget will give us many reasons to rejoice.

Aniruddh Dave
I think Tax relief should be there for aam janta, in the banking sector there should be low ROI on home loan and loan for the business, I’m sure the government of India, mitigate the food and the relief in fuel is needed. I’m sure the finance ministry is keen to make it better.