Vidyut Xavier: Not easy to keep audiences intrigued for an hour, all credit to Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha for making Dhadkhan Zindagi Kii a success

Dhadkan Zindagi Kii (DZK) is generating good responses and Vidyut Xavier is on cloud nine. The actor plays the role of Vijay Sathe in this Herumb Khot and Nilanjana Purkayasstha production. His performance is also getting noticed and being complimented by fans.

“The best compliment I got from the show was from my brother. After watching the first four episodes he told me that while watching me perform, he forgot he was watching his brother on-screen and could only see the character. Trust me after my mom and dad, my brother is my biggest critic. He always finds flaws in my performances to keep me grounded. I’m really grateful to him,” he says.

The medical drama is based on the lives of doctors. After being a part of the show Vidyut now understands their life better.

“Now I know the lives of doctors are much more difficult and complicated as they are working 24X7. Kudos to them. It is not an easy job to save lives especially when they have to stay away from their family. They have to compromise on their personal life,” he adds.

Talking about taking real life experiences to play the role, Vidyut says, “My parents are very close friends with doctors, especially my mom. I have visited doctors so many times until now, whether it is for my skin, hair, or injuries as I have been into sports, so I would hurt myself often. So I have closely watched them, their body language, how they behave with patients and that helped,” he says.

Showering praises on Herumb and Nilanjana, he shares they have an eye for details and makes sure that scenes look real. “Honestly, Nilanjana ma’am and Herumb sir are the kind of producers who actively participate in their projects, from scripting, to forming a team, casting, look, scenes etc. and they make sure everything and everybody gives their 100 percent. I am very lucky to have such fabulous and hardworking producers and team. I feel really grateful to be working with them,” he shares.

Each episode is one hour long, a rare thing on TV these days. Yet, the show has managed to hold everyone’s attention.

“It’s not an easy job to keep your audience intrigued for an hour like that too in a daily soap. But this show is special. The entire team is keeping the audiences’ interested for an hour, all thanks to the entire team of the show,” he says.

Sharing an incident from the set, Vidyut adds that his solo surgery was very interesting. The use of prosthetics, scalpel, having the right attitude and posture to get things done properly was quite an experience for the actor.

The dialogues in the show use medical terminology as well. How did you get a hang of it? “Having medical terms in the dialogues was the most difficult part as we aren’t used to using those terms daily, so it isn’t easy. It has to be pronounced correctly but when you give your 100 percent to anything with complete sincerity nothing is impossible. With hard work and consistency everything is possible,” he adds.