Woh Toh Hai Albela 26th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Dhanraj asks Kanha whether he’s not coming to work. Kanha says he’s working from m home. Sayuri says to Kanha that she wants to say something about Nakul and Rashmi. She says that she spoke with them and is sure that they are very strong.

She says that Rashmi is very soft than anyone else and is worried about Saroj. Kanha assures her that everything will be alright. Sayuri says OK.
Kanha brings medicine to Saroj and calls her out. He leaves and Saroj thinks that she can’t tolerate his wife but she’ll try to for him but says she won’t accept her ever. Kanha gets Sayuri’s letter to get ready in the evening. He gets happy.

Nakul and Rashmi meet and Saroj notices it. Kanha gets dressed up to meet Sayuri and is very happy. Dhanraj and Dadaji discuss the sudden downfall in their business and wonder who’s behind it. They think Sayuri just returned and don’t want to trouble the children now. They decide to deal with it later. Kanha comes to the said location and Sayuri comes there dressed up as a bride. Kanha says he was very worried and continued rambling but Sayuri closes his mouth. She says tgs today she will talk and brings him to dias.

She lights the fire pit and Sayuri says that he would’ve noticed the fire of from childhood for every good occasion. She believes that it burns away all the evilness and badness from their life. She gives a speech and says that they are going to take path from their heart. She says it’s going to be different from last time as they are not going to do it for the situation but completely from heart.

Kanha holds Sayuri’s hand and they both starts taking rounds around fire recalling their happy moments. Saroj recalls Sayuri’s words and Dhanraj asks why she’s worried. Saroj expresses her dislike on Sayuri and lies down to sleep. Dhanraj thinks that he wishes Saroj doesn’t do anything again as it would be difficult to forgive her again. He wishes everything to go well. Kanha and Sayuri recalls all the ups and downs in their lives. They were ready to face more and bicker like a typical married couple. They both laugh it off and Sayuri promises to respect their love always. Kanha promises to trust their love.

Precap : Sayuri and Kanha’s happy times. Kanha will plan something special for Sayuri. Kanha will keep a weird condition in front of Indrani.

The episode starts with Sayuri saying Saroj that she knew she hate her but will still try to win her heart. However she says that she will no more leave the house at any cost. Kanha wonders what happened to Sayuri and is confused. Nakul comes there happily and Kanha asked him to say what happened. Nakul says that Rashmi confessed and Kanha is happy for him.

Nakul says how Rashmi confessed and Kanha recalls Chirag. They both rejoice the happiness. Kanha says that today all the good things happened and need to thank God. They both discuss about love. Kanha wishes that Nakul doesn’t face the same problems he faced in his life. They both are very happy. Kanha urges him to go and meet Rashmi and gives him money to buy flowers. Nakul thanks him and leaves happily. Kanha wishes evil eyes off in both their love.

Saroj speaks with God regarding Kanha’s upset with her. She says that she’s ashamed to face him and asks him to show away. Kanha comes there and asks what she’s asking God. She says she’s asking strength to God to face him. Kanha asks her not to say so as he just told them his heart’s feelings.