Setting an example: Celebrities share if talking about the environment and doing their bit inspires others

It’s world environment day on June 5. To observe the day, celebrities talk about global warming and how they are doing their bit to save the environment. They also share if talking about it inspires others. Read on:

Vijayendra Kumeria
A clean environment is what we need today. During the last lockdown when we breathed fresh air it further made us realise how important it is. If celebrities talk about things like planting more trees, avoiding plastic, saving water, etc., when they are themselves doing it, it surely sets an example and inspires their followers. When I first learned about global warming, I was not very old at that time, but old enough to realise that it has long-term consequences and on my part I started planting trees every year on my birthday. Then I would also ensure I don’t waste water. Reading about places where people had to walk so much to get fresh water made me realise that whatever I wanted to do towards this cause had to start from today and since then I have not wasted water. And I have taught the same to my daughter. We also have a small garden and my daughter is being taught how to nurture plants, why she should throw waste only in a dustbin and avoid littering.

Simaran Kaur
I think we have reached a time where our environment has seen a lot of changes. When I first heard of global warming, I think back then nobody took it seriously but now as we are witnessing the climatic changes, and seeing summers getting hotter and extended, and even rains are unpredictable, which are all signs of global warming and I think it’s high time that we as citizens of this planet earth become environment-conscious and should be aware of these things. On a personal level, I think people can do a lot of things starting from the smallest thing like not going out unnecessarily and using public transport. Even things like not wasting electricity or water is something that you can do on a personal level. I see people have a very bad habit of wasting water while brushing, that is avoidable and can be taken care of easily. I feel even if one person is conscious of these things, it will add up to all of us working towards a better environment. Also, people should stop using plastic bags and bottles and even if they do, they must recycle them.

Aly Goni
People generally follow what they see a celebrity doing, and I feel taking the right steps towards saving and conserving the environment by a public figure definitely inspires them. When I first heard of global warming, I was actually shocked because that’s when I realised what we do today, we will have to face the consequences of it later, it may take time but we will see it. It’s like Karma. I have always been conscious about saving the environment and my first step was to not waste water. There can never be a substitute for this and I have always tried to save and reuse water.

Delnaaz Irani
If celebrities are talking about it and showing the simple lifestyle changes they made towards a healthy environment, it makes a huge difference. Global warming was a quite shocking phenomenon for me, and then I started noticing and reading about climatic changes. Since then I realised everybody should do their little bit for the environment. I try to save electricity and switch off the lights and fans when I leave the room. I have my own small garden set up and I have started planting trees in my society. Plastic is banned in my house, I am more into stainless steel, I use utensils that are environmentally friendly and healthy for us as well.