Yeh Hain Chahatein 11th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Aditya looks for Kashvi and faults Raunaq Sir for calling him. He finds the taxi in which Kashvi had voyaged. He gets some information about Kashvi. The driver says she went inside Rajshri music assortment. Aditya heads inside and asks the retailer. The retailer tells that he didn’t see her. Aditya emerges. Kashvi tells the gatekeepers remaining at the rear of music shop that she really wants to go to washroom. They will not allow her to go from the start. Kashvi heads inside and snaps Dilruba’s photograph on the backdrop. She goes out and trusts that Dilruba will come. Aditya gets some information about Kashvi. He says she went inside Rajshri assortment and afterward he didn’t watch out for her. Kashvi sees Dilruba coming and advises her that she needs to really take a look at her vehicle. She makes her oblivious and secures her in her own vehicle, and goes. She moves in the bar as Dilruba and finds Arjun whipped by the hooligans. She heads inside and lets the hooligans know that the men watching her dance needs to contact her, so that is the reason she came to conceal here until they get ordinary. She sings tune to make Arjun see her. Arjun sees her and grins. The hooligans ask her not to sing. Aditya returns. Dilruba acquires awareness and yells for help.

The hooligan goes out. Kashvi sends other hooligan to bring bouncer so she can go out. Kashvi embraces Arjun. Arjun says you got the sign left by me and came here. He requests that she go and says this spot isn’t protected. Kashvi says you are correct, I will bring the reinforcement force here. Kamal comes there and inquires as to whether he recognized him. Arjun says I am familiar with all your unlawful work and says he will send him to high security prison. Kamal asks the artist (Kashvi) on the off chance that she is likewise here. He says you haev moved well. Arjun remembers to kill him on the off chance that he contacts Kashvi. Kamal lets Arjun know that this is the last dance which he watched. Arjun says I will get you captured. Kamal beats him. Kashvi cries.

Dilruba requests that Aditya help her emerge. Aditya requests that she open the rope and attempt to open the entryway. She proved unable. Aditya requests that she turn her face, and says he will break the glass window. He breaks it and liberates her. She says a woman came and made her oblivious. Aditya thinks Kashvi is a master in Karate. He remembers to show her Kashvi’s pic and ask her, yet Dilruba searches for her pack and says she probably taken it. Kamal tells the artist (Kashvi) that he will meet her later. Kashvi goes out and figures how to take him out. Kamal converses with somebody and says he will kill Arjun. The bouncer takes Kashvi to the room. Kashvi figures she can’t do without Arjun. Dilruba comes inside and hears individuals discussing her dance. Aditya likewise hears them. Kashvi sees Dilruba and Aditya, and thinks what he is doing here? Kamal shows the infusion to Arjun and says your organs will quit working and afterward you will pass on a difficult demise.

Precap: Mahima lets Arjun and Kashvi know that they are Karun’s genuine guardians. Kashvi and Arjun get ready to invite their child, when the school staff woman comes there and tells that Karun is missing. Arjun and Kashvi are stunned.

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