Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 11th June 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Episode begins with Manish favoring Abhira and thinking for what reason am I feeling like I m going to lose Akshara by and by. Abhira leaves in the taxi. Armaan cleans up. He sees Abhira’s toy turtle and thinks about her. Armaan sees the family pic. Manisha comes. He says I can never repay for the family’s adoration. She says you love Abhira. He says I comprehended, yet I can’t hurt Vidya, she gave me a daily existence. Manisha says her satisfaction is in your joy, ponder yourself and Abhira. He says a few hearts can’t join together, its my error, I understood my affection however its past the point of no return. Manish goes to apply haldi to Ruhi. Swarna says stop, haldi mahurat is finished. Manisha expresses battle for your adoration, individuals give their lives for affection. Armaan says I can lose my life, however not Maa, I will wed for the wellbeing of she. Ruhi says my adoration doesn’t rely upon any mahurat. She causes Manish to apply haldi to her. She says my haldi and marriage will happen today. Abhira requests that driver pick up the pace. Specialist calls Sanjay, and says Madhav got cognizant, he is taking Armaan and Abhira’s name. Sanjay says I will come there.

Kabhi banke… . Plays… Ruhi gets the haldi applied. Armaan prepares. Abhira cries. Vidya ties the pagdi to Armaan and wishes Armaan and Ruhi get bliss. Sanjay finds Madhav missing and reprimands the specialist. Ruhi requests that Swarna pick up the pace. She says at long last, I will get my affection today. Abhira says I need to go from here, I have nobody here. Armaan sits miserable. Dadi looks on. Manisha thinks your satisfaction is with Abhira, battle for it. Kajal figures this marriage will not occur in the event that Armaan and Abhira’s detachment didn’t occur. Ruhi shows Armaan and her pics. Surekha shows Armaan’s DP to Ruhi and says there is another person in it. Ruhi says he is separated from everyone else. Surekha requests that she see it cautiously. Ruhi’s telephone falls. Abhira says every one of the obstacles are coming here, my shoe likewise broke, I need no show in Mussoorie.

Dadi says you demonstrated it Armaan, dislike Madhav, you are my grandson and afterward Madhav’s child, I love you a ton. Vidya gets cheerful and says Maasa told this interestingly. Manish says I have made sense of you a great deal, yet recollect this house will continuously be yours, on the off chance that there is any issue, return home. Ruhi says Armaan and I will meet up to meet you, all will be great. He says I wish so. Vidya says Armaan will be content with Ruhi. Abhira gets a call. She says I have no association with that family and wedding. She accepts the call. Charu says its me, Charu, Armaan’s sword is feeling the loss of, the new wedding organizer has close to zero insight into it. Manisha and Vidya leave. Dadi says I will always remember how you are doing this house, remain blissful. He cries and eliminates the pagdi. He reviews Abhira’s words and thinks I m so grieved, I dare to stand firm for our adoration. Vidya requests that he come first floor. Abhira converses with Charu. Armaan takes the telephone and sees Abhira on the video call. Maine zindagi tere naam ki… .plays… . Armaan asks Charu to simply leave.

Abhira applies the dark dab to him. Her transport ticket takes off. The guide calls individuals for Mussoorie transport. Abhira wishes Armaan. She closes call. Vidya requests that he come soon. Abhira searches for the ticket. Guide requests that she pick up the pace. She gets the ticket and picks it. He requests that she come. She sheets the transport.

Armaan says I love Abhira, I can’t wed you. Ruhi is stunned. Abhira says Armaan is wedding Ruhi.