Yeh Hain Chahatein 18th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The supervisor calls Kashvi and says assuming that she enjoyed the show. He says we can’t kill you, so seized your child. Kashvi is stunned and says you have an unfortunate mix-up, and says that kid isn’t my child. The chief/that’s what hooligan tells assuming she thought him silly and says he has recognized the torment clearly for one another, and says assuming that anybody helps stranger. He requests that she acknowledge the advancement and afterward discharge their accomplices from prison. He says in the event that you don’t do what I said then I will return him in little pieces. Kashvi cautions him and says in the event that anything happens to him, I will make your little pieces. The hooligan closes the call. Kashvi says why the hooligan is thinking Karun as my child, and requests that Dadi go to Govt wreck. She says she needs to save Karun and goes.

Arjun and Mahima go to PS. Arjun tells everything to Investigator. Monitor inquires as to whether they have animosity with somebody. Arjun checks Mahima out. Examiner inquires as to whether anybody lets a little kid be. Mahima gets some information about their defects, and search their child. Auditor says the kid will be found. Arjun takes Mahima out and tells that he trusts that Karun isn’t in that frame of mind to her. She says you are raising finger on my protective love and childhood. She says she doesn’t tell him, however she has given many penances for them. Arjun inquires as to whether he will tell her, what needs to pay for her error and gets some information about penances. He says in the event that anything happens to my child, I will consume the world. Mahima says he is my child additionally and tells that she will keep mannat. Arjun says he is only 5 years of age. Mahima requests that he unwind.

Kashvi comes to the dept and advises the official that she is prepared to take up this task. The official says you was determined not to take it up. Kashvi says she is taking it for brief premise and educates him everything regarding the hooligans abducting Karun. The official says the thugs can stoop low. Kashvi says we need to do this, and tells that in the event that media reaches out, our dept will get terrible standing, and all the more significantly she believe nothing should happen to the kid.

She says the thug is the head of youngster dealing racket and says on the off chance that we get him, will end this for all time. Official says lets make it happen. Kashvi lets him know that they need to include the Police dept as well, as they will let Karun’s folks know that Karun will be protected. She says however we can’t keep 100% straightforwardness. Arjun inquires as to whether anything is found. Overseer says OK, and lets him know that the hijackers are conversing with Common dept and a woman official is haggling with them. Arjun inquires as to why my child’s capturing is connected with public safety. Overseer says it is a touchy matter of kid grabbing, so a woman official is involved. Arjun says he needs to meet her and expresses gratitude toward her. Assessor calls Kashvi, who allows him to meet her. Karun attempts to trick and escape from criminals’ place, however the manager gets him and gets him tied once more. Kashvi sits tight for the hooligan’s call. The thug calls Kashvi and inquires as to whether she has acknowledged her advancement. Kashvi says OK. The hooligan says you got ability to deliver the detainees and requests that she discharge his 5 accomplices. Kashvi is stunned and consents to deliver them. He requests that she come to him with them. Kashvi closes the call. The official asks how she can take a silly choice. Kashvi says we need to do as it’s been said, and can’t put Karun’s life in danger. She says she has an arrangement and tells that they will include the Police group, and tells that she will take the 5 detainees with her, and similarly as the trade is finished and Karun contacts her. She will call the Police and get them captured. The official says there is a gamble in it. Kashvi requests that he trust her and says no misstep will occur and Karun will be saved. She tells that she believes that Dadi should be in Police care in the Police headquarters until she finishes the mission. The constable makes Kashvi wear the unbeatable coat and gives her weapon and requests that she use it and don’t hold back. Kashvi takes it. Peon comes there and says Karun’s dad is sitting tight for you. Arjun comes to Kashvi’s lodge and sits tight for the official. Kashvi feels that something important will occur. Arjun feels something similar.

Precap: Arjun thinks why the woman official haven’t come till now. Later in fair, Karun comes racing to Arjun. Kashvi considers Arjun to be karun’s dad.

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