Imlie 18th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Agastya demands Imlie to get back. Inebriated bar clients get into mischief with Imlie and requests that she dance for them. Agastya lashes out. Imlie says that is the means by which her life is. Agastya demands. Alcoholic contacts Imlie. Agastya beats all alcoholics. Imlie passes on bar while Agastya keeps on yelling to get back with her. Govind and Rajni stand up to Amrit for sending Agastya to imprison, extorting Imlie to sing at a bar, and showing her reality to entire family. Amrit rejects charges and requests confirmation.

Imlie while getting back detects somebody following her. She runs in and secures entryway in dread. Pallo inquires as to why she is so apprehensive. Imlie says she felt somebody was following her. Pallo checks and doesn’t track down anybody. Imlie says it’s anything but a typical trepidation, she detects he returned after years, reviewing a man attempting to kill her and Kairi. She says she needs to see Ashu.

Chaudhry’s enliven house for diwali. Agastya gets back. Govind asks where was he, Karan and Shivani have gotten back. Agastya meets Shivani and Karan and says he is feeling extremely cheerful today and will have diwali with entire family. He questions Shivani about her investigations and tests her sanity and gets some information about his business. Karan anxiously says it’s going ordinary. Govind redirects their consideration. Annapurna lets Agastya know that she can’t bear Imlie’s face, however she needs to get back for diwali. Agastya guarantees Rajni gets some information about Imlie.

Imlie arrives at clinic with her young lady group and gets some information about Ashu. Nurture shows her Ashu’s room. Imlie panics seeing Ashu missing. Ashu comes from washroom. Imlie says she was concerned for herself and asks him not to uncover anybody that they are connected. She gets back and thanks companions for their assistance. She finds her family being expelled out of the house. Pallo says house proprietor expelled them out of the house. Imlie asks how could the proprietor do this.

Agastya enters and says he is the proprietor of the house and requests that Imlie escape his home. Imlie stunts bouncers, gets into house, calls Pallo and Bulbul in, and locks the entryway. Govind stands up to Amrit against to uncover what is his contribution in family’s issues and why he constrained Imlie to sing at a bar. Amrit declines charges once more. Govind says he has somebody who saw him coercing Imlie. Amrit asks who is that. Agastya breaks the entryway when Imlie won’t escape the house and compromises her to call police. Imlie breaks his vehicle windshield and difficulties him.

Precap: Amrit rebuffs Jugnu when he says he saw Amrit extorting Imlie. Imlie will not take off from her home and difficulties Agastya.

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