Yeh Hain Chahatein 20th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Roohi decides to uncover beast uncle Atharva and thinks once mamma figures out that he gave her spiked milkshake, mamma will quit laying down with Armaan and lay down with her. She opens entryway and notification Armaan salaciously contacting dozing Preesha. She records video to uncover Armaan. She drops a jar. Armaan gets ready and starts his whimsical acting once more. Preesha awakens. Armaan says he fears a phantom is outside. Preesha goes out to check. Roohi stows away. Preesha expresses wind from an open window probably fallen the container. Armaan says Roohi should be apprehensive hearing the sound, so they ought to proceed to check. Preesha says Roohi and Saransh don’t get apprehensive effectively and goes to keep an eye on his demand. Armaan sees one bed vacant and figures any of them probably dropped that jar.

Saransh emerges from washroom. Preesha inquires as to whether he heard any sound. He says didn’t and shows Roohi dozing. Preesha leaves with Armaan. Saransh asks Roohi where had she gone. Roohi uncovers that Armaan is shrewd and simply going about as a kid. She shows him video. Saransh says the two of them will uncover Armaan tomorrow. Next morning, they stroll down to family room and lets their folks know that they have something special for them. Rudra and Preesha asks what sort of shock. Roohi says messy Armaan uncle’s reality which they will show it to everybody. Preesha inquires as to whether Armaan accomplished something once more. Armaan says he sat idle. Saransh requests that he quit acting.

Saransh turns on television and says now everybody will watch Araman’s reality in this video. This are stunned to see an animation video all things being equal. Armaan smiles and heard their discussion and changing the video once they are snoozing. He assumes he realized they were acting brilliant, so he changed the game against them. He says its his #1 animation. Preesha and Rudra ask what is in this animation, they are fooling around. Roohi blows up on Armaan and says he is simply acting. Preesha upholds Armaan and says Armaan isn’t acting. Roohi says Preesha generally upholds grimy Armaan uncle and leaves from that point crying. Saransh lets Preesha know that this time she is off-base and Roohi is correct, she doesn’t realize that Armaan is acting and is totally fine.

Roohi races to her room crying and lets Saransh know that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea how Armaan erased the video. Saransh says they will be cautious next time. Rudra strolls in and solaces Roohi and says she probably recorded Armaan’s trick video and needed to show them, however even Preesha is correct. Roohi says she is basically right on the money. Saransh uncovers that Armaan was contacting Preesha improperly and was attempting to kiss her. Roohi says Armaan is going about as youngster and is extremely messy. Rudra says he realized Armaan is acting and irately decides to rebuff Armaan for contacting Preesha improperly. Saransh stops him and says he let him know currently that Preesha wedded Armaan with an explanation, yet he wedded Pihu all things considered; he really want not fret over Preesha and let them handle their mom. Rudra demands to help them and uncovers that Pihu isn’t his better half as he didn’t wed Pihu in court.

Precap; Rudra asks Preesha what’s exceptional in Armaan that she is putting her life in danger. Preesha says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the explanation. Rudra says they will uncover Armaan by recuperating the video and uncovering Armaan’s reality.
He recuperates it by means of a specialist.

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