Imlie 20th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Imlie lets Atharva know that in the event that he can’t go to the gathering, she will carry the gathering to him. Atharva asks how will she respond. She says she doesn’t have any idea, however he ought to trust him. Devika lets Rudra know that Atharva has some significant gathering, however didn’t as yet descend. Rudra says Atharva simply needs to satisfy his inflexibility, he needed to turn into a performer rather than a finance manager conflicting with him and when he turned into a performer, he isn’t focusing on it. Devika says a mother will continuously uphold her child. Rudra says he believes Atharva should focus on privately-run company, its great that Imlie came in his life or, in all likelihood his life would have been a debacle. Chini meddles and says she upholds in his viewpoints that Atharva ought to focus on business. Rudra says he doesn’t require assessment from an outcast with respect to family issues, Atharva is squandering his life on music, however its alright as Atharva’s significant other will deal with him.


Entryway chime rings. Chini goes to check. Messenger kid conveys medication. Chini checks and asks who requested it. Imlie grabs medication from her and surges away saying she requested it. Chini researches medication subtleties and thinks regardless of whether Imlie is attempting to stow away, she can’t conceal reality that Atharva became sick subsequent to having dalia/porridge. Imlie serves medication to Atharva and leaves on her main goal. Atharva rests. Chini bursts in and blows up on him for supporting Imlie and having a medication mxied dalia arranged by Imlie. Atharva asks how can she know. Shew says she saw a peculiar looking container in kitchen and shows her phony worry for Athara. Atharva as expected succumbs to her falsehoods.

Imlie visits occasion maker, presents herself as Atharva Rana’s significant other, says Atharva needed to go to the gathering however became sick unexpectedly, and demands him to visit her home and pay attention to Atharva. Maker says he is a maker and not a specialist and won’t help her. At Rathore manor, Rupali communicates her anxiety for Chini and trusts she doesn’t meddle in Atharva and Imlie’s lives. Anu strolls in and says she came to accept Chini’s garments as chini can’t wear outdated Imlie’s garments. Rupali cautions her to quit controlling Chini. Anu insults her and leaves.

Imlie masked as maker’s driver gets him. Maker requests that driver take him to some café. Imlie says there is another spot named Rana Da Dhaba where he will get delectable food and hear ear satisfying music. Maker recognizes her and escapes vehicle. He takes steps to document grievance that she attempted to capture him. Imlie demands him to stand by listening to Atharva’s music and watch his persistent effort and afterward choose. He gets some information about food. Imlie says he can send her to imprison on the off chance that he isn’t dazzled. He says he caught wind of Aatish/Atharva’s insane fans however seeing an insane spouse interestingly. Imlie says music is Atharva’s request and persuades him to visit her home.

Chini serves juice to Atharva and attempts to control him against Imlie. Atharva trusts Imlie brings maker home. Imlie strolls in with miserable face. Imlie inquires as to for what reason is she wearing peculiar dress. Atharva inquires as to whether maker came. Imlie acts from the start and afterward grins and says maker is sitting tight for him first floor. Atharva feels blissful. Imlie acquaints family with the maker. Atharva says thanks to Imlie for overdoing it to help him. Imlie says an individual can go to any degree for adoration and darlings. Chini stands envious seeing that. Imlie goes to take Atharva’s pendrive and asks Seeta maiya for help. Chini hears her stowing away and figures she won’t allow Imlie to get a venture for Atharva.

Rana family serve food to maker. Imlie gives pendrive to Atharva. Ripu fixes pendrive in a PC. Family wants Atharva to enjoy all that life has to offer. Keya inquires as to whether she effectively gave upChini asks her to simply stand by and watch. Ripu plays pendrive and thinks that it is vacant. Atharva checks and says its not his pendrive. Imlie says she found just this pendrive in his room. Chini supplanted pendrive.

Precap: Atharva welcomes Imlie for a supper date. Chini offers a saree to Imlie and wears comparative saree thinking this would be Imlie’s first and last date.

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