Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 20th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Ruhi asking about the gift and Surekha tells her that it’s from the Poddar’s and they have requested her hand in marriage for Rohit.

Manish asks Ruhi for what good reason she isn’t keen on wedding Rohit to which she answers that she cherishes another person.

Manish gets some information about her sweetheart and Ruhi says that it’s as yet a start and requests that they give some time prior to unveiling or choosing anything.

In the interim Arman sends Ruhi a voice note that after his significant case, he’ll take her out on their most memorable date and ponders internally that he’ll propose to Ruhi around the same time.

Manish finds out if she had some awareness of this and asks her for what reason she’s stressed.

Swarna answers that she’s anxious about a particularly energetic love as its sharp edges slice through anything.

Manish reasons that adoration resembles a kite String that cuts the one holding its string.

Swarna says that she has seen this equivalent sort of adoration with Arohi and is terrified.

Surekha trusts that Ruhi’s destiny ought not be like Arohi and she shouldn’t confront what Arohi did.

In the mean time Ruhi pays attention to the voice note and prods him about putting regulation before him and they share a heartfelt chitchat about it.

Ruhi lets Arman know that she has conversed with her relatives about them and requested time.

All at once, Vidya comes and tells Arman that Daadisa will report some extraordinary news at the burger joint however she chooses to let him know first.

Vidya advises Arman that Rohit will get hitched and Arman communicates his satisfaction.

Vidya is going to demonstrate Arman the lady of the hour to-be’s image however is intruded on by Daadisa calling and leaving.

Back in Mussoorie, Abhira is clicking a few vacationers’ photos when she hears somebody crying and figures out Yuvraj holds her hand and doesn’t leave, causing a situation in the city.

The traveler comes and assists Ruhi with getting away from Yuvraj’s grip, and Akshara comes and holds Abhira.

Yuvraj’s driver comes and takes an alcoholic Yuvraj with him.

In a brief moment, Yuvraj’s vehicle stirs things up around town who assisted her with getting away prior.

Abhira surges towards Yuvraj’s vehicle however he drives away.

Akshara calls Abhira and the man is taken to emergency clinic where he’s pronounced dead while his significant other faults Abhira for his better half’s demise.

Akshara gets incensed and arrives at Yuvraj’s home with the police and advises Jagraj to give up his killer’s child to the police.

Jagraj lets the police know that Yuvraj is out with his driver from yesterday so how might he carry out a homicide.

Jagraj permits the police to look through his home and that makes Akshara beleive that absolutely Yuvraj isn’t at home and Jagraj has stowed away him some place.

Akshara certifies to herself and Abhira that she won’t allow anything awful to happen to her.

In the interim, a happy air encompasses the Poddar house yet there’s still some uncomfortable strain among Arman and Daadisa.

Arman contemplates internally that every one of the couples are together aside from his mom and father.

His contemplations are stopped by staring off into space about Ruhi.