Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 21st November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The Episode begins with Akshu and Abhira reassuring Smita. Kipling says they aren’t taking Anurag’s body for posthumous, I have a known individual in the police headquarters, he said monitor needs to excuse the case by taking cash from Jagrat. Akshu says I will battle the framework and send Yuvraj to imprison. Abhira says we will send him to imprison. Kipling says Jagrat is MLA, he can successfully save his child, split the difference, drop the case. Akshu requests that he think. Smita says Yuvraj will get discipline. She cries. Kipling says you have a daily existence to live. Abhira says however her life is grabbed. Smita says get equity for Anurag, I had seen Yuvraj driving the vehicle. Akshu and Abhira hold her hands. Fundamental tumko nai chodungi… . Plays… Akshu says Raavan has consistently got crushed, even the present Raavan will not get saved.

Vidya and Kajal contend in making Rangoli. Everybody roots for her. Sanjay asks Dadi who would you like to win, bahu or little girl. Dadi says I m extraordinary for both Bahu and girl. Manisha says wah, sorry, you said like shayari. Sanjay requests that Kajal pick up the pace, Vidya is making a decent Rangoli, keep some norm. She says OK. The children feel awful. Ruhi sends Rangoli’s pic and asks how is it. Armaan answers its truly great, however figure out how to improve it than mum. He sends Vidya’s Rangoli pic. Rohit says time is up. Dadi says now we will do casting a ballot. Armaan says mum will win. Krish says it’s a tie. Kiara says Madhav is the sudden death round. Madhav comes to pass judgment on the Rangolis. Kajal asks how is it. Madhav proceeds to say Kajal’s Rangoli is better. Kajal grins. Everybody applauds her. Kajal asks Sanjay how could you like it. He says great, well done, you won something throughout everyday life. Vidya says just sit back and relax, I didn’t feel awful, I got constant to lose on account of my better half. Dadi says three Rangolis will be made one year from now. Everybody prods Rohit about his marriage. Dadi says when the marriage sorts out, we will tell everybody. Armaan thinks I have an unexpected treat for Maasa and Dadisa, two bahus will get back home one year from now. Abhira sees the Diwali improvements set in the yard. She hears Yuvraj’s voice. He wishes her blissful Diwali. He says nobody can contact my Abhira before me, I will return till my haldi day, keep this gift as wedding shagun. She breaks the Bluetooth speaker. She reviews Yuvraj’s words.

Manish wishes Vidya blissful Diwali available to work. Vidya asks did you converse with Ruhi. He says OK, she needs some time. Dadi inquires as to why. He says marriage is a significant choice, to get some margin to think, then I figure nobody ought to have any protest. Vidya says you are correct, let us know when she offers a response. She closes call. Dadi flies off the handle on Ruhi.

She says Rohit will be the best spouse. Vidya says kindly concur for the wellbeing of I. Dadi says OK, I will pause assuming that you say. Armaan calls Ruhi and requests that she turn upward. She sees the message in the lights show overhead. She says OK, we will go on date tomorrow. He gets happy. They have a discussion and grin. Kesariya… .plays…

He applies the blue tones to his face and says I have applied the sky tone to my face, you likewise apply the ocean tone, then scores and cherish will get equivalent. She grins and applies the blue tone. He clicks his pic to her. She additionally sends her pic to him. He says my family will get cheerful on knowing this. Abhira runs some place and gets drained. She cries. Akshu contends with the controller. Abhira comes and says I know where is Yuvraj, he is at Ghantaghar. Akshu asks are you certain. Abhira heard the chimes sound. Akshu requests that overseer proceed to get Yuvraj. Overseer leaves. Akshu says great, you helped us. Abhira says we need to battle this case and win. Kipling says you shouldn’t lose fortitude. Abhira says equity will win, we will win. Manish considers Abhira. He stresses for her. Surekha asks are you stressed for her. Suwarna says certain individuals are so beautiful. Manish says I believe I have some connection with that young lady, I wish she remains fine. Suwarna says she would be extremely cheerful, we had seen her and her mum dealing with the retreat. He says no, I was unable to meet her mum, its bizarre. Surekha says OK, her mum didn’t come before us. Akshu asks did you illuminate at the hotel. Abhira says OK, staff has gotten ready for last rituals. Police brings Yuvraj there. Yuvraj requests that Akshu favor him to get greater baraat sometime later. He sings O Abhira Maan jaa…

He showers blossoms on Abhira. Akshu says examiner, put him in jail. Yuvraj goes to the lockup. Akshu says I need to talk about chargesheet. Yuvraj whistles seeing Abhira. Jagrat comes there and undermines her about Akshu. Abhira stresses.
Yuvraj says I emerged from the prison. Abhira says you will get imprisoned. Ruhi sits tight for Armaan. Abhira praus. She runs over Armaan. They see one another.