Imlie 21st November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Imlie cuts down Shivani for the commitment service. Annapurna acclaims Shivani that she is looking extremely beautiful. Navya says she is fortunate to have Shivani for Avinash, they are fixing partnership in a stately family. Annapurna leaves there. Navya inquires as to whether she offered something wrong. Manno says she probably gone for something different. Rajni follows Annapurna. Annapurna says Navya called their family noble and she fears Imlie’s reality will demolish it. Imlie strolls to her. Annapurna inquires as to for what reason did she enter their family, she fears Navya will drop the partnership hearing that Imlie is a bar vocalist. Navya strolls to her and inquires as to for what reason did she come here. Rajni says she got profound pondering Shivani’s takeoff from the house. She says Karan has organized wafers for them, we should gow and appreciate consuming saltines.

Karan organizes saltine in lawn for the family. Manno messes with him. Cart inquires as to whether he is fine. Jugnu says no, he will go to his town after diwali for a couple of days. Sonali hears him and asks Amrith for what good reason did he beat Jugnu only for seeing him in Govind’s room, she knows Jugnu since his life as a youngster and he won’t ever lie. Govind says she is giving a lot of mercy to a worker and he showed a thing or two to him. Sonali says she actually accepts something is off-base. Family consumes wafers. Imlie and Agastya’s nok jhok begins. He shows his portable cover and says it’s scratches will help him to remember her materialistic nature.

Govind and Rajni hear Jugnu requesting that another worker book his town’s tickets for him. Rajni inquires as to for what reason is he going for uncovering truth. Jugnu says he can’t remain here after whatever occurred. Rajni requests that he drop the ticket. Imlie strolls to them with juice.
Worker recognizes her as the person who broke Agastya’s vehicle glasses and says she is the one, he has a video. Imlie redirects their consideration and sends them from that point. Juice falls on her and she strolls towards her space to clean her sari. Navya signals Vishwa. Vishwa goes into Imlie’s space to look for something. Imlie strolls in and cleans her sari. Vishwa stows away. Imlie leaves. Vishwa likewise escapes room. Imlie returns thinking she neglected to take blossoms and sees Vishwa at the entryway. Vishwa says he is looking for a washroom and arrived in a misguided course. Imlie says it ended up night her and shows him heading. Vishwa gets back to Navya and says he was unable to get it as Imlie came into the room.

Rajni requests that Cart bubble milk for Shivani and Avinash’s kesar milk custom. Cart bubbles milk and drops it’s vessel. Rajni reprimands her and requests that worker clean it. Imlie cruises by. Rajni requests that she bring milk from ice chest. She picks milk and slips while strolling back. Agastya holds her. Their eyes lock. Milk bundle breaks.
Teri Meri Kahani Hai Ye.. melody plays behind the scenes. Rajni sees them and tests their sanity. Imlie calls her companion who conveys milk and seeing Amrith’s vehicle asks whose vehicle is it. Sonali says Sonali’s significant other Amrith’s. Companion says she saw this vehicle outside Agastya’s office when the fire mishap occurred.

Imlie gets back to stand up to Amrith. Amrith as expected gets rowdy with her. She reprimands him for consuming Agastya’s shop. He indignantly attempts to embarrass and beat her. Sonali stops him and inquires as to why he is beating Imlie. Imlie says his reality is uncovered. Amrith says Sonali won’t trust her falsehoods. Imlie says she is telling truth and uncovers that Amrith consumed their shop and her companion saw his vehicle outside the workplace when the fire mishap occurred.

Precap: Navya breaks union saying she would rather not be related with a maligned family where Imlie stays. Annapurna curses Imlie and requests that she take off from her home. Imlie argues Agastya to trust her one. Agastya says he took a choice.

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