Yeh Hain Chahatein 21st November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The official requests that Arjun go to Karun. Arjun says I will take her to vehicle. He lifts Kashvi and takes her to the vehicle. Woman constable goes with oblivious Kashvi in the vehicle. Arjun then, at that point, goes to Karun. Karun asks Arjun, about the aunt. Arjun figures he will not let him know that she is taken to clinic. He tells that she is fine. Karun tells that Aunt saved him ordinarily, and she is exceptionally courageous and battled with the hooligans like a legend. Arjun says OK, she is exceptionally valiant. Karun says he needs to say thanks to him. Arjun says we will return home now, as everybody is stressed. Karun says alright. Birji takes Auditor’s weapon and pushes him. He runs securing him in the Police van. He then takes the bicycle, and figures no one can look through him all life. Examiner couldn’t get him and blows up.

The official takes Kashvi to the clinic. Specialist requests that they stand by outside, and says we will begin her treatment and will refresh you. Examiner calls his senior Assessor and illuminates him that Birju escaped. The senior Overseer reprimands him and requests that he put the high alert to get Birju. Controller says alright. Arjun brings Karun back home. Mahima acts and says my child is back. She acts sweet. Keval acclaims Arjun and says father will be like Arjun. Monty and Micky bother Keval. Jagdish asks Arjun what was the deal? Arjun figures he will not about Kashvi now. He says he is worn out.

Dadi arrives at the clinic. Specialist tells her that Kashvi was hanged so she felt suffocated and challenging to breath. Dadi is stunned. Assessor says this occurred because of Birju and tells her that Kashvi will be fine. Dadi supplicates in the inhouse sanctuary and requests that God save Kashvi. She says Kashvi adored Arjun, however she was double-crossed and lost her child. She asks Mata Rani not to step through her examination any longer. She says in the event that you don’t treat her then I won’t do your puja.

Arjun comes to the emergency clinic and sees Kashvi breathing vigorously. He says your Arjun is back and asks where did you go, I looked through you wherever in 5 years. He says nothing will happen to you, and says it is fate that you saved my child, and he said that you gave him mata rani’s chunari. He says I did a serious mix-up 5 years prior, and says I was unable to comprehend how could it work out. He says I was unable to fail to remember your face and agony. He is sorry to her and says I lived with the expectation that I will meet you sometime in the not so distant future, and that is the reason proceeded with my examinations. He says he has breezed through the common assistance test and exceptionally soon his preparation will begin. He says you can’t leave me and will return. Kashvi is as yet breathing intensely. Arjun requests that Specialist see her. Specialist goes to actually take a look at her. She returns and says it is a wonder, she is fine and cognizant at this point. Arjun is going to head inside and meet her, however Dadi stops him. She says you have double-crossed her 5 years back, and destroyed her totally. She says all of you have made her cry, and says you have grabbed her beginning and end, presently what you need to do? Arjun says I need to apologize to her and make everything fine. He says I need to meet Kashvi, kindly don’t stop me. Dadi yells and says you undermined her utilizing her sister. She says Kashvi came to meet you, to fix up with you, yet you was getting hitched to another person. She says her heart was broken completely and that time, she has chosen to quickly leave this city. She says you are another person’s significant other and requests that he be faithful to his better half. She says I won’t allow you to meet Kashvi, and requests that he get out from their lives. Arjun figures they don’t realize that I had hitched Mahima, in the event that they come to be aware, they will abhor me more, and that is the reason I will not tell. Dadi requests that he leave. Arjun goes.

Dadi goes to Kashvi and asks how are you? Kashvi inquires as to whether Arjun was here, I felt that he was here. Dadi says OK, he had come, yet I requested that he go. She says I didn’t believe you should see him once more and get miserable once more. Kashvi gets sorrowful eyes. She reviews Mahima and Arjun dozing together and afterward his marriage. She thinks it is great that Dadi requested that he go, and figures she would rather not have any affections for him. Dadi says we will go tomorrow from here. Kashvi says she needs to answer to her manager first. Dadi requests that she give the report to her chief.

Next morning, Kashvi gives the record to the chief and tells that she needs to go as the mission is finished. The supervisor says Birji had escaped and requests that she stay in Faridabad. Kashvi declines and says she has individual reasons. The official inquires as to whether it is more than your administration for the country.

Precap: Kashvi denies. The official inquires as to whether you will excuse yourself, in the event that anything happens to Karun. A person requests that Mahima return his 10 Lakhs and gives her a plan to get the cash. Mahima requests that Karun go about her responsibilities. Dadi asks Kashvi for what good reason she needs to acknowledge the advancement for Karun.

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