Yeh Hain Chahatein 22nd November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

The official inquiring as to whether her own reasons are a higher priority than the nation wellbeing. Kashvi says I don’t have to remain here to demonstrate my dedication for my country. The official says Birju will go after you as he holds individual resentment against you, and can go after Karun once more, as he believes that she is your foe. She inquires as to why? He says you had gone there to save Karun, so Birju had perceived that he is your shortcoming. He says on the off chance that you are posted elsewhere, and assuming Birju hurts Karun here, might you at any point bear this. Kashvi says she can’t bear and tells that she can’t be in that frame of mind, there are certain individuals here, whom she would rather not see once more. The official tells that she will join the instructional hub and will remain in the quarters so she don’t have to go to the city. He says even clinical office is accessible there, and this way you won’t meet individuals whom you would rather not see. Kashvi figures this way she will be away from Arjun and lets the official know that she will leave in the wake of getting Birju. She acknowledges the advancement and move now. The official concurs.

Karun requests that Mahima see that the pinnacle is breaking over and over. Mahima won’t help him. She gets a call and flies off the handle on Karun, requesting that she proceed to rest. She picks the hooligan’s call. The hooligan gets some information about to return my 10 lakhs Rs. Mahima says the sum is enormous and requests that he give her at some point to return the cash. The thug says he simply needs cash. Mahima says I’m attempting to get the cash and they have endured misfortunes in the business, and are bankrupt at this point. The person Mohan says he realizes that Arjun landed position in common administrations. Mohan requests that he present to him an endorsed stamp of the common assistance official. Kashvi asks what will be composed on it? Mohan says he won’t say and requests that she get it. She told, Arjun that she has lost 1 crore in web based gaming. Arjun asks how she can do such a serious mix-up. Mahima says she used to play game with 10 Rs, and the game was habit-forming and she was winning so she utilized more add up to play. Arjun says how she can do betting. Mahima says I needed to recuperate the cash and that is the reason playing it. She requests that he save her. Arjun asks him from where to get 1 crore Rs. Mahima requests that he sell Dada ji’s jewels and pay the cash. He asks what? Mahima says I’m giving you arrangement. Arjun says I didn’t realize that your eyes were on it and tells that it is Dada ji’s all life riches. He says it is required for my next project. Mahima says don’t save me, keep your precious stones with you and takes steps to end it all, and afterward see what befalls Karun. Arjun says he can’t allow anything to happen to Karun, and will give them 1 crore, selling the jewels. He requests that she guarantee that she won’t rehash betting. Mahima guarantees him. fb closes.

Mahima figures what to do now, she didn’t stay true to her obligation. She says assuming she lets him know that he will toss him out and in the event that she don’t take the sign then Mohan won’t leave him. Karun calls Mahima. Mahima gets maddened and asks what was the deal? Karun says he was unable to tie his pajama. Mahima gets a thought and inquires as to whether he can do anything for her. Karun says OK. Mahima requests that he go with Arjun on his most memorable day. Karun says I’m a young kid. Mahima says you don’t cherish me. Karun says I love you. Mahima says she will give him a paper, and needs somebody’s sign on it. Karun says I will do anything that you say. Mahima thinks I generally coerce you and you successfully get my adoration and to fulfill me. She grins.

Dadi asks Kashvi, for what reason did she acknowledge the advancement for a more odd kid Karun? Kashvi says this choice was vital. Dadi says why you are acting along these lines and says Karun’s folks will deal with him and your manager will likewise land somebody for this position. She says Arjun realizes that you are here.

Karun lets Arjun know that he will accompany him to the preparation. Arjun asks how you will respond there? Karun says I will see you. Arjun inquires as to whether I can come to your school. Dadi tells Kashvi on the off chance that Arjun comes infront of her, what will occur, as she realizes that she cares deeply about him even at this point. She says he resembles his mom and assuming he makes use advantage. Kashvi says I’m not feeble now and tells that she doesn’t adore Arjun. She says the instructional hub is far away from city, in the town. Dadi figures she don’t believe Kashvi should go through a similar torment once more.

Precap: Karun enlightens Mahima regarding Kashvi’s words, and tells that she is the common official who saved him. Arjun is going for the preparation. Kashvi tells Dadi that Arjun won’t ever be aware, and leaves.

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