Teri Meri Dooriyan 22nd November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Angad let Mannat know that the video doesn’t demonstrate anything as his face isn’t apparent.

Mannat says that when he left her she erased all the photographs and recordings she had of him however couldn’t force herself to erase this video.

Angad says that he couldn’t care less about that, all he minds is that the precious stone has a place with him and not her or Bright.

Mannat removes the ring from her finger and tosses it towards Angad saying that she couldn’t care less about the ring and he can keep it.

Parth apologizes to Yash for Mannat’s way of behaving yet she demands persuading Angad to take her back.

Parth removes Mannat strongly while Yash apologizes to the Brars for Mannat’s way of behaving yet Angad says that it isn’t his issue.

Yash leaves too after which Daar Ji requests that Angad account for himself, Angad tells the family all that occurred in Mumbai.

Manbeer faults Sahiba for concealing reality from them however Angad says that it was a joint choice as it was Diwali.

Seerat gets a text from Gary inquiring as to whether the work that was doled out to her is finished or not.

Angad stands firm for Sahiba and lets everybody know that it was Sahiba who initially believed that Radiant Sood and Precious stone were associated.

In the interim, Seerat considers Gary and lets him know that she was unable to find the storage to which he answers that she needs to come and meet him at 12 PM.

Seerat declines which causes Gary to compromise her and let her that know if she doesn’t come then he will come himself.

Somewhere else, Sahiba reminds Angad that the precious stone conveyance fellow never said that Angad got the request or that somebody appeared as though him.

Angad says that he is so burnt out on this turmoil that now he doesn’t actually need the jewel.

He says that he will sell the jewel and recuperate his misfortunes on the grounds that the protection additionally associates him with extortion.

Afterward, Sahiba lets Angad know that she is attempting to take out Radiant’s data to which Angad says to leave this matter be.

Sahiba says that it’s anything but an occurrence yet a very much arranged snare and to that end they need to watch their activities.

Afterward, Seerat slams Garry for sending her to Angad’s room and furthermore for calling him at 12 PM since this will carry a tempest into the house.

Gary gets a blossom jar, takes the blossoms out, and afterward tosses water from the container on Seerat out of resentment.

Seerat wipes herself after which Garry tells her that the storage is behind the cabinet wall.

She says that she will track down the storage as quickly as time permits yet it’s anything but an extremely simple undertaking on the grounds that nobody loves her in the house.

Back at the house, Angad advises Sahiba that he believes nothing should do with Bright and believes Sahiba should do likewise and avoid inconvenience.

Sahiba ponders internally that she won’t leave angad at this troublesome time while Angad praises her food.

The following day, Sahiba goes to Yash’s home to meet with Mannat to which he concurs yet says that first he will check whether Mannat is at a situation to talk.