Yeh Hain Chahatein 29th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Aditya astounding Dadi and she gets glad to see him there and she asks him how he came here.

Then, at that point, he lets Dadi know that when he got to realize that Kashvi had taken an exchange to Faridabad he likewise came behind her.

He says that he can’t survive without her that is the reason he additionally came here then Kashvi lets Dadi know that he has turned into his chief and furthermore captured the thugs because of whom she was suspended.

From that point onward, Kashvi makes tea for them while Dadi feels glad that Aditya has come to care for Kashvi now no issue will occur and Arjun will likewise not meddle in Kashvi’s life.

In the interim, Arjun gets profound and portrays the entire occurrence to Jagdish then he makes sense of for Arjun to continue on and not stall out to his past and spotlight on Karun and Mahima.

Later on, in next morning Karun awakens Mahima and advises her that today is his game and she needs to accompany him.

Mahima expresses that there is the ideal opportunity for the occasion to begin so she sends him with Mickey saying that she will come later on.

In the mean time, Aditya requests that Kashvi go to the preschool occasion is his place and he will care for her preparation today so she gathers her sack and goes there and the educators invite her.

The occasion begins yet Karun is miserable as Mahima doesn’t as yet come while educators make sense of the significance of sports and begin the capability though Karun actually sits tight for Karun.

The educator carefully guides stand in line to the understudies who are taking part while Mahima goes to meet her companions and plays a card game with them without pondering Karun’s occasion.

The race starts in school where lemon from Karun’s spoon falls and Kashvi sees him saying that now she will get more interest there as Karun is additionally there.

In the mean time, Aditya begins the preparation let the learners know that today Kashvi had some work so she went there and he is assuming meeting in position of her.

He clears up the technique of boxing for the learners and individually everybody comes and practices then Aditya calls Arjun so he goes and mercilessly punches on the punching sack reviewing that Aditya is Kashvi’s new dearest companion.

Arjun becomes vicious then Aditya requests that he start again after that he asks Aditya what condition he imparts to Kashvi.

Then, at that point, Aditya portrays the tale of how he met Kashvi then Arjun inquires as to whether Kashvi is only a closest companion or more than that so Aditya lets him know that she is in excess of a closest companion to him.

Arjun flies off the handle and starts punching the sack forcefully and it gets turned which incites Aditya’s outrage.

Then, at that point, Arjun stops though Kashvi meets Karun and he tells her that he is miserable as he lost the race and Mahima hasn’t as yet come.

From that point onward, she calls Mahima and she gets the call however Kashvi goes to meet the visitor, and Karun converses with her.

Mahima says that she will take her for frozen yogurt after the school moves past yet he says that he will Arjun and request that he come.

Mahima fears that Arjun will chasten her so she leaves the game and chooses to go there.

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