Imlie 29th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Agastya pinning Imlie for keeping an eye on her own sister.

Imlie inquires as to for what reason is he keeping an eye on her to which Agastya answers for what reason was she crying tomorrow or is there something irritating her.

Annapurna advises Imlie that she needs to inform Navya concerning Imlie’s past however is stressed that it could destroy Chutki’s life.

Imlie answers that her choice will be restricting on Imlie on the grounds that a falsehood does not merit stowing away.

In the mean time, Vishva advises Avi to go to Shivani’s home alone as Navya isn’t well and he will remain back home to deal with her.

Vishva asks Navya what’s up to which she answers that she is fed up with battling alone.

He answers that he is with her in each step of her retribution to which Navya inquires as to why he conceals the way that Imlie is a vocalist at the bar.

Navya says that she ought to have not anticipated that Vishva should be with her as this reality of Imlie would have helped them out.

Somewhere else, Chutki lets Imlie know that she doesn’t find Imlie’s old calling revolting however truth be told, she regards it.

Avi reaches and takes gifts from Dadi while telling her that Navya isn’t well so she will show up with Vishva after some time.

Some time later, Navya enters with Vishva however doesn’t partake in the pooja and advises everybody that she has come to bring Avi back home.

Dadi asks Navya for what reason is she expressing this to which she answers that it is on the grounds that they have been maintaining mysteries from Avi.

Dadi says that they were going to tell her today to which Navya says that she wants an opportunity to contemplate this and rethink Chutki and Avi’s marriage.

Afterward, Chutki calls Avinash and slams him, saying that when Navya didn’t dislike Chutki’s ex why does she disapprove of Imlie’s ex-calling?

After some time, Imlie goes to Navya’s home where Vishva requests that Avi go inside as they need to talk alone.

Imlie asks Navya not to break the marriage because of her to which Navya answers that she would rather not be humiliated due to Imlie.

Notwithstanding, Imlie persuades her that this won’t ever happen which settles on Navya decision Dadi and tell her that she will come at night to fix the wedding date.

At night, Agastya searches for Imlie all over the place lastly finds her with Chutki who is telling her that she will miss Imlie a great deal as she is leaving.

After Imlie leaves, Agastya asks Chutki where is Imlie going to which she answers that Imlie’s sister isn’t well so she won’t go to the present capability.

Agastya lets Imlie know that he will likewise oblige her to see Bulbul to which Imlie answers that he isn’t a specialist and ought to stay with his sister while she goes to meet hers.

Imlie steps on her cycle however the chain is broken which makes Agastya giggle and say that her Radha Rani (cycle) likewise believes Imlie should oblige Agastya.

He then holds Imlie’s hand and takes her to his vehicle.

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