Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 29th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Armaan and the kin requesting that Dadisa dance as it’s Rohit’s commitment service which drives Dadisa to move to society music.

Subsequently, the family begins flowing with Dadisa while Armaan asks Rohit where his life partner is, without knowing that it’s Ruhi.

Rohit states that he overlooked his life partner the time he saw him, at last stepping forward with Armaan to make him meet Ruhi.

Higher up, Ruhi chooses to fail to remember Armaan for life as he didn’t give her space in his life when Armaan comes there.

Armaan smilingly comes to Ruhi when he sees a precious stone ring, driving him to comprehend that Ruhi is currently Rohit’s.

This makes the alienated couple shed a tear when Rohit enters and acquaints Armaan with Ruhi, driving him to ask how he enjoyed Ruhi.

Notwithstanding, Armaan says nothing causing Rohit to ask Armaan and Ruhi to basically welcome each other driving Armaan to expand his hand for a handshake.

All at once, Rohit goes out to go to a summon while Ruhi goes settling on Armaan attempt to decision Ruhi, yet he stops and leaves with Rohit who came to him after his call.

At the hotel, Akshara sings before the visitors when Abhira hears a refrain, and remembers her bad dream including Akshara’s passing.

The melody closes making Akshara notice a miserable Abhira, who then takes off driving Akshara to pursue her.

Akshara gets stressed to see Abhira cry and attempts to quiet her while Abhira tells her that she is terrified that something isn’t correct.

Akshara guarantees her that nothing awful will happen to her except for Abhira’s sentiments overpower her and she demands her to leave Masourie.

Seeing Abhira determined and frightened, Akshara at last surrenders and consents to move to Delhi.

Somewhere else, Ruhi blames Armaan for destroying her life and that he shouldn’t have made misleading vows to her when he was not wanting to keep them.

Ruhi asks him for what good reason he deceived her about his family and the explanation this relationship crashed is on the grounds that he put together it with respect to lies.

Armaan tells her that he didn’t deceive her however she had shaped an assessment on his family in the primary gathering and he believed her should see them through his eyes.

He additionally asks her for what reason would he have gone to the difficulty of making the date unique in the event that he was wanting to dump her.

On hearing that he has focused on a case over their date, Ruhi disapproves however Armaan educates her concerning Asmita and her significant other and that she would have done likewise.

In the mean time, Surekha and Vidhya are looking for Ruhi while Swarna suspects that Ruhi is with Armaan.

Somewhere else, Armaan lets Ruhi know that he has called her multiple times from the new number after his telephone broke yet she didn’t get his single call.

Feeling disheartened in her, Armaan asks her for what valid reason did she not hang tight for him for over two days as opposed to getting connected with to his sibling.