Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 30th November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Surekha searching for Ruhi as she stows away alongside Jay.

Ruhi requests that Jay let everybody know that it’s all a misconception and that they should get hitched.

She gives him the ring that Rohit had placed on her finger, let Arman know that she has no directly over this ring and requests that he let everybody know that they love one another.

She grasps his hand and guides him towards everybody.

In the interim, Manish says he’ll call Ruhi however is come by Daadi sa, it be back all alone to say she’ll.

Ruhi and Jay arrive at the scene where they watch Daadi Sa and Vidya certifying to Rohit how blissful they are a result of his marriage with Ruhi.

Observing this, Arman goes into a difficulty about the decision about whether to inform everybody concerning him and Ruhi as they’re so blissful about Ruhi and Rohit’s marriage.

Ruhi urges Arman to proceed to tell everybody except he places Rohit’s ring in Ruhi’s palm and leaves.

In the mean time, back at Mussoorie, Akshara surrenders Abhira a book, requesting that she guarantee that she’ll finish her regulation degree and practice a while later.

Abhira says that they’re going to Delhi for this just so there’s no requirement for this multitude of commitments.

Akshara demands Abhira’s commitment as she says that she never knows when she’ll need to let Abhira be and requests that she guarantee that she won’t ever surrender.

Abhira vows to Akshara that she won’t ever abandon herself or her examinations.

Back at the Poddar house, Arman goes into alarm mode while Ruhi gets some information about them however he dismisses.

Arman lets Ruhi know that there’s nothing more significant than his family to him, not even Ruhi.

Ruhi attacks him and asks him how she should treat which he answers that she ought to wed Rohit.

Arman tells Ruhi that Jay is a decent individual, a much better individual than him and begs Ruhi to wed Rohit all things being equal however they are interfered with by Vidya remaining at the entryway.

Vidya requests that they emerge as Daadisa needs to click pictures with them inferring that she didn’t hear Jay and Ruhi’s discussion.

In the mean time, Akshara goes through her past recollections however reasons that she needs to pass on all that and move to Delhi for Abhira.

Abhira is gathering her packs and is exceptionally confident about her and Akshara’s future encompassing regulation.

Yuvraj requests that his dad get him out by this evening before the documentation happens on the grounds that once the documentation is finished, he’ll must be in prison for a considerable length of time.

He requests that his dad get him out of prison quickly on the grounds that he needs to wed Abhira before her mom at any expense.

Vidya accompanies Ruhi to the stage while Arman watches her and Rohit together in agony and misfortune.

Back at the wedding setting, Arman gets on the stage close to Ruhi for a family picture however slowly steps away and watches his family being blissful about this marriage.