Yeh Hain Chahatein 3rd April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Samrat hauls Mansi out of his home. Mansi goes about as feeling powerless and imploding. Samrat says it doesn’t make any difference to him whether she is alive or dead and closes the entryway all over. Mansi thinks Nayan committed a major error by uncovering truth to Samrat, she will show Nayan now what she can do. She calls Nayan and yells at her for uncovering truth to Samrat and getting her out of the house. Nayan says she truly didn’t illuminate Samrat. Mansi says she probably educated somebody who probably educated Samrat, presently she will viral Aaliya’s video. Nayan hurries to her and solicitations her not to transfer that video. Mansi says she previously requested to viral it following 2 hours, however Nayan can stop it assuming she persuades Sam to give her visit access his home. Nayan concurs and leaves.

Samrat lets Ishani and Mohit know that he might have helped Nayan in advance assuming she had informed him that Mansi is coercing her. Nayan enters and inquires as to whether he confides in her. He says OK. She requests that he bring Mansi back inside home. He asks even after what she did. She says Mansi is coercing to transfer a video. He asks which video. She says he vowed not to scrutinize her, she will illuminate him later. He leaves and requests that Mansi get back. Mansi begins her theatrics that he will throw her out in the future assuming Nayan incites her. Nayan vows to assume fault on herself and solicitations to return in. Samrat requests that she return in for the good of Prem. Mansi smiles and thinks that is what she needed.

Nayan requests that Sam give a spiked espresso to Mansi and cause her to uncover her an area from where she is transferring video. Sam strolls to Mansi’s room with espresso and draws her with his glossed over words. Mansi gets blissful. Sam offers her espresso cup. She gets dubious and goes about as discarding her versatile. Sam goes to get it. She trades mug. Sam completes espresso and gets back to Nayan inebriated. Nayan inquires as to whether he completed his job. Samrat says their arrangement fizzled, and he uncovered their entire arrangement to Mansi. Mansi thinks Nayan attempted to inebriate her and figure out video transfer area. She reviews how Sam uncovered Nayan’s entire arrangement and figures Nayan can’t prevent her from transferring video now. Sam lets Nayan know that he took Mansi’s telephone and gives it to her, reviewing how he stoleit from Mansi.

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