Yeh Hain Chahatein 9th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Aditya persistently gazing at Kashvi, inciting her to ask the explanation and he expresses that he needs to express something to her.

He praises her that she is looking so lovely in a yellow saree and she expresses gratitude toward her while he anticipates a comparative commendation consequently.

He shuts her eyes, asking what has he worn driving Kashvi to mistakenly depict him what makes him extremely upset when one man comes there, requesting that Aditya meet the official.

Kashvi reprimands herself for recalling Arjun’s garments however not Aditya’s while Arjun can’t stand as expected as he has drank excessively.

He comes to Kashvi, mumbling that he cherishes Kashvi a great deal and laments not admitting his sentiments to her as today she is such a long ways from him.

He chooses to admit his sentiments to her however becomes befuddled about regardless of whether he ought to when he says that he will explain to Kashvi the motivation behind why he wedded Mahima.

Arjun says that he has missed her a great deal over the most recent five years a ton and goes to her yet finds Aditya going toward Kashvi.

Aditya says that he needs to express something to Kashvi when he twists down on his knee, causing Kashvi to feel off-kilter.

He says that today he needs to admit his sentiments to her and proposes to her, saying that he cherishes her a great deal.

Kashvi and Arjun are stunned to hear it when Aditya inquires as to whether she will wed him, making Kashvi numb.

In the mean time, Arjun laments deferring communicating his sentiments again to her while Aditya asks her for a response.

She expresses no to him what makes him extremely upset into pieces as she clarifies for him not to destroy their fellowship by doing everything.

Kashvi apologizes, letting him know that she doesn’t cherish him and doesn’t have any desire to lose him as he is her dearest companion and that’s it.

She adds that she can’t mislead him and in the event that she weds him, she will not have the option to give him all the affection that he merits.

Further, she makes reference to that she hasn’t continued on yet from before so she can’t ponder anybody when Aditya attempts to persuade her however she disagrees with him.

From that point forward, she goes from that point and cries over her destiny while Mahima comes into the washroom and praises her for picking Aditya.

Kashvi lashes out and says that he is only her companion when Mahima insults her that at first she makes the individual companion and from that point onward, she weds them as she did with Arjun.

In the interim, Kashvi lashes out with her yet Mahima insults her driving Kashvi to admonish her for her modest mindset till presently, requesting that she expand her reasoning.

Kashvi goes from that point while Mahima mumbles that she believes Kashvi should wed Aditya though Arjun can’t stroll on the steps.

He attempts to adjust himself while Kashvi goes to deal with him and Mahima looks for him at the party.

Aditya ponders Kashvi and laments proposing to her in the wake of knowing reality that she actually adores her ex.

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