Imlie 9th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Bulbul crying in dread, saying that she doesn’t have a telephone to call anybody.

Imlie gets some information about the cycle and on hearing that it is outside, she lets Bulbul know that this time she will go out as the executioner needs to kill her.

Somewhere else, Agastya asks Sonali who would it be a good idea for him he pay attention to rather when there is a contention among psyche and heart.

Sonali is amazed to hear him request exhortation from her and insults him for this fantastic change.

Notwithstanding, Agastya tells her that she is her senior sister and he has consistently respected her, mentioning her to help him.

Sonali lets him know that he needn’t bother with her assistance as he has Imlie who will continuously remain by him.

In the interim, Imlie asks her executioner for what good reason is he attempting to kill her and attempts to keep him diverted so Bulbul can leave.

The concealed man gazes at Imlie while she asks him for what valid reason is he after her and is stunned to see Agastya’s mom’s photograph in his grasp.

All of a sudden, Bulbul makes a clamor while the cycle chain is stuck.

Imlie emerges and prevents the man from following Bulbul as she surrenders her cover.

Meanwhile, Navya gets back home conversing with Vishwa that Annapurna is becoming dubious of her yet is stunned to hear that he has not gotten back home.

Yet again then again, Imlie battles with the executioner and secures himself in the house however this time the executioner tears open the entryway.

Simultaneously, Bulbul arrives at Agastya’s home and tells Agastya that Imlie is at serious risk.

In the interim, the covered man finds Imlie under the bed and Imlie remembers him to be a similar individual who has killed previously.

Before the executioner can kill Imlie, Agastya shows up and races to Imlie’s side who has blacked out with dread.

Seeing the house ablaze, and the executioner taking off, Agastya takes out Imlie from the house when Vishwa comes there suddenly and both return home.

Afterward, on hearing that Bulbul came to illuminate them, Imlie ends up being stressed and asks over her wildly.

In the mean time, Sonali tells Imlie with bitterness that Bulbul has lost the child.

Imlie feels broke at the news and goes to comfort Bulbul.

Inevitably, Agastya comes to Bulbul’s room and tells her that her sweetheart ought to be here this opportunity to comfort her and that his nonattendance shows that he is worthless.

In the interim, Imlie sees Karan remaining at the entryway and lets Bulbul know that she is one fearless young lady who was with her constantly and has additionally found support for her which shows that she doesn’t require anybody.

Agastya likewise tells Bulbul not to take the man back regardless of whether he comes creeping kneeling down.

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