Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Rohit accepting Armaan’s call who requests that he come to Inn Surya and not tell anything to anybody.

Rohit rushes a lot to the entertainment of Dadisa who asks him what occurred.

He lies, expressing that he needs to go to a companion who’s going to the USA perpetually yet Vidya requests that he get the kalash from the sanctuary.

He denies it as he needs to go however Vidya continues demanding, making him demand Ruhi to go to meet Armaan.

Armaan rehearses what to tell Dadisa before the mirror when Abhira trips.

Abhira’s mangalsutra gets appended to Armaan’s shirt and she attempts to take it out while Armaan mediates and confines the mangalsutra from the shirt when Ruhi watches the team.

In the mean time, Abhira goes from that point when Armaan sees Ruhi and attempts to converse with her yet Ruhi moves away.

A staff gives gifts to Armaan when Rohit comes and gets stunned as Armaan gets hitched.

Inside, Abhira takes a gander at Akshara’s photograph and remarks on predetermination carrying her to Delhi with a more interesting’s assistance.

In the mean time, Armaan consents to wed Abhira, making Rohit thrilled while Ruhi gets broken.

All at once, Abhira enters and Rohit takes her gifts, presenting himself as her most attractive devar.

Rohit acquaints Abhira with Ruhi who takes a gander at one another, causing Rohit to inquire as to whether they know one another.

Ruhi concurs when Rohit states that he gets a handle on left as Ruhi realizes everybody with the exception of him while Armaan considers how might the family respond to the marriage.

Further, Rohit requests that Armaan and Abhira return to the Poddar House and request that they change.

In the mean time, Vidya and Dadisa worry about Rohit not accompanying the Kalash yet.

Vidya tells Dadisa that Rohit has requested a prepared arti thali, causing Dadisa to concur as she feels that uplifting news is moving close.

In the vehicle, Armaan and Rohit examine Dadisa lashing out, making Abhira anxious while Ruhi cries when Armaan brings a tissue box and Rohit gives the tissue paper to Ruhi.

Armaan gives a tissue to Abhira as well, who declines his advances discourteously.

At the House, Kiara desires Dadisa to keep the Mussorie turtle in the aarti thali as it’s promising.

Vidya demands Dadisa, it are undeniable to cause her to concur while arrangements.

Before long, Dadisa reports to the family about Rohit getting uplifting news, satisfying everybody.

Inevitably, Rohit and Ruhi go inside when the light goes out driving Dadisa to light a matchstick.

The sound of strides is heard by Dadisa who asks Rohit who is it.

Bit by bit, Armaan thinks of Abhira taken cover despite his good faith, causing Dadisa to ask who is it.

Armaan states he wedded and is grieved about it, making Vidya drop the aarti thali in shock.

In a flash, Abhira finds it driving the lights to be on once more and everybody sees her while Dadisa shouts that Abhira can’t be the girl in-law of the Poddar House.