Yeh Hain Chahtein 10 October : Rudrakash does the unthinkable

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash gets discharged from the hospital. Balraj and Ahana were holding Rudrakash from both the side and slowly moving out of the hospital. Preesha was also following them with small steps. Suddenly Rudrakash turned towards Preesha and started moving towards her. Ahana gets perplexed though of what Rudrakash is doing now. As Rudrakash was moving towards Preesha, her happiness was increasing simultaneously. After reaching near her Rudrakash moved her aside with little force and went to the counter for the receipt. While returning home Rudrakash and Preesha were rescaling there past moments.

Neerja woke up at the midnight and started searching for the keys in Rahul’s jacket. Luckily she got a bunch of keys. Suddenly Rahul woke up and questioned Neerja that what she is doing there. Then Neerja put the keys back and stood still in that position. Then Neerja said to him that she was feeling thirsty and was about to drink water. Preesha reached her home and was on the way to the stairs, suddenly some neighborhood stopped her and acknowledged her about the notice which was passed by the society against Preesha and Rudrakash. Preesha rushed towards home and started asking Gps about the notice, Gps calmed Preesha and said her not worry as he will handle the society members. Suddenly Saransh came and started acknowledging Rudrakash health and his comeback. Thinking for a while Preesha said that it will take time as his wounds are deep. Then Vashudha takes Saransh for the dinner. Preesha started crying on Gps arms and explained to her how Rudrakash didn’t said her anything while leaving from there.

Rudrakash and Balraj arrived at the main gate, where Shardha was standing with the plate to welcome Rudrakash. Ahana taunted and said. Now Rudrakash is back and has left Preesha and Saransh back, as they were useless. Rudrakash gets a little angry on Ahana’s words, but he didn’t react.

Rahul knocked on the door of Gps’s house and entered inside. Gps and Preesha stood up on his surprise visit. Gps asked him how he dared to Come here, and Preesha also added a few words that she knows very well that all things which are happening with her, because of Rahul and Yuvraj. Yuvraj tried to act innocent but Gps and Preesha were very hyper this time, suddenly Preesha gets Neerja call and she left from there while talking over the call. Yuvraj noticed Neerja’s name and started thinking that how come Neerja is calling Preesha so late. Then Yuvraj requested Gps for a glass of water. When Preesha turned after completing her call, she found Yuvraj standing just behind her.

Instantly Preesha grasped his wrist and started dragging him out of the house. Suddenly Rudrakash entered the house and taunted on Preesha on Yuvraj’s presence. Then Rudrakash called out Saransh and said her to pack his bags, Preesha gets stunned. Preesha insisted Rudrakash to not take any silly step through which Saransh would get hurt. On the other side, Vashudha said that Saransh would not go without Preesha. Then Rudrakash said Saransh is. Not going alone Preesha will also come with him to Khurana’s house. Preesha Gets. Little confused about Rudrakash decision. Rudrakash said Preesha to pack her bags too. Yuvraj secretly Questioned Rudrakash that how he didn’t die. Then Rudrakash angrily said that God has saved him to destroy you. Preesha and Saransh were ready with there bags.
Episode ends……

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