Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 10 October: Manish, back to his normal self

At the beginning of the episode, Manish came downstairs with his proper dressing routine which he uses to do before. Akhilesh came near to Manish and asked him to take all the attorneys back as he is tired of all things. He also added that after Manish he felt very lonely. Manish apologized for all the trouble which he got due to him. Then Manish came towards Naira and said sorry for not listening to Kartik that day when he said Manish not to go from that way, where they had an accident. Naira requested Manish to forget all things. Then all the family members stood in a row and clicked a selfie. Krishna was standing in a corner and felt upset.

Naksh came to Kirti and said that all functions are done. And Manish also got recovered, now we have to disclose our divorce decision as soon as possible, as paperwork is done. Kartik said to Manish that we will celebrate all the occasions again which he missed. Then Kartik took him to the hall which was totally decorated with flowers. Ghent Goeankas swell with joy as Manish and Swarna share an emotional moment post his recovery.

Swarna takes a promise from Manish that he will not leave her again. Naksh and Kirti were playing with the baby. Naksh whispered in Kirti’s ear and said her to come aside, as he wants to discuss something important. As Naksh and Kirti came outside the house Naksh said to her that his lawyer is going out of the town for a few days, so he wanted us to sign the papers as soon as possible. While they were signing on the papers Kartik came behind and called out them. Naksh immediately closed the file and gave it to the lawyer and told him to go from here immediately. On asking of Kartik Naksh fooled him and said that it was just a property paper that they have taken in the name of Saransh.

Naira was sitting in the lawn with the baby. Kartik came silently and started sprinkling flowers petals on Nira, and then they spent a romantic moment with the baby as well. Then suddenly the baby started crying and then both of them started staring at each other.

Episode ends……

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