Qurbaan Hua 12 October : Naveli is in big trouble

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat hid in the cow shed and was thinking what to do next as Vyas Ji has given all the responsibilities of the hospitality of guests. Vyas noticed no one was attending to the guests, and nothing was there on the table. Vyas Ji went to the kitchen in the search of Chahat. Godhambhari came there and tried to instigate Vyas Ji against Chahat. But Vyas said her go and look after Naveli. Vyas Ji was a little upset about this gesture of Chahat. Then Vyas Ji dropped a few texts in the family group chat.

Chahat phone pings in purse and she noticed that her phone itself gets started. From back Niel puts his hand on Chahat’s shoulder. Then Chahat slowly turned her face and found Niel and said her all the past scenario. Then after that Chahat notices the helmet in Niel’s hand and got a superb idea.

Vyas Ji was apologizing to the guests for the delay in the servings, suddenly Chahat entered with the tray in her hand and helmet on her head. All were looking at Chahat very weirdly. Than Chahat gave an explanation for being late. Then Niel added, that helmet got stuck on Chahat’s head. Then Neha said that she will help her to take it off. But Niel tried to prevent her from touching the helmet. But Vyas Ji said Niel to let Neha use her Technique.

Niel and Neha both were trying to take off the helmet, but Niel was just acting and Chahat was praying that Neha didn’t get succeed in taking off the helmet. Naveli came with Godhbhari and sat with the guests. Niel hinted to Neha that Naveli has arrived, then Neha went to meet Naveli. Boy ones gave a thumb’s up for Naveli and Vyas Ji requested them to organize the Ring ceremony day after tomorrow. Naveli angry gave a look to Pramukh.

After they left Chahat came and congratulated Vyas Ji, suddenly Krispa’s crying voice came, and then Chahat and Niel went upstairs. There Chahat was requesting Niel to help her in taking off this helmet, but Niel was making fun of Chahat. After a few jokes, Niel opened her helmet. Then Chahat thank Niel for putting her phone in the rice jar. Then Niel left to form the room and said Chahat to look after Kripa.

Episode ends…….

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