Barrister babu 9 October : Will Anirudh save Bondita?

At the beginning of the episode, Anirudh says that now why the villagers are not despising him, he is also an abandoned man. The villagers say that the only woman is left one not a man. Anirudh dismisses their mentality as wrong and says that it is the society that makes an abandoned woman unholy while in reality, she is a victim. He says that he has not even been able to show his face to Bondita. The villagers feel guilty.

Sumati wakes up. She comes out and asks about Bondita. Devolina says that Bondita has run away. Sumati says this cannot happen. She says that she heard that Bondita had said that someone was taking her somewhere. Devolina says Sumati was unconscious so she does not know anything. Anirudh says that he will find Bondita. Sumati looks at him angrily and says that there is no need. She tells Anirudh that he no longer needs to show mercy.

Sumati taunts the villagers and Anirudh. She tells the villagers that a man did not believe her daughter and they punished Bondita. She says that this society is the enemy of women, who explain to them whenever they want and take women as material things.

Further, Sumati tells Anirudh that he is the culprit of Bondita and what he thought was that he would easily take Bondita to eliminate the burden of his wrongdoings. Anirudh says that his motive was not to reduce his burden but to apologize to Bondita. Sumati says but what is the benefit now because she has already left him. Anirudh says she should not worry about it because he will find her at any cost.

Anirudh looks suspiciously at Bondita’s maternal uncle and asks if he has any hand in it. Mama says Bondita is like her daughter, why would he do this and says he was very worried when he would hear Bondita only singing “Raghu Pati Raghav Raja Ram” and found her missing Anirudh all day. Anirudh remembers that he had heard this hymn earlier too.

Anirudh hurried to the same direction where he found the bullock cart. He finds Bondita’s slate there. He further reaches the railway station. There, Bondita sees a book in which she sees the photo of Anirudh, she tries to take that book from the shopkeeper but when she does not give it, she tore the page from it. After a while when Anirudh also comes there, the man sees him and takes Bondita from there. Episode end.

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