Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 9 October : The second marriage of Roshni

At the beginning of the episode, Dadi says that she can’t believe that Roshni has become Kala Jin. Rubina says Roshni will probably not come back now. Aman says that he will not let this happen at any cost. The housemates also support Aman and say that they will also help him in getting back their real Roshni. Next everyone feels strange seeing Rehan and Natasha’s strange behavior. Rehan and Natasha tell them that their souls have changed among themselves.

Rehan says that and now Rubina has to help them. Natasha says that she also got a card with a tonic. By the time she finds the card, Rubina says that she will find in Illamejin how to help Roshni. Further, Roshni handcuffs Aman’s hand. She uses magic and breaks up with Aman.

Aman goes and tells this to Rubina. Rubina says that the love inside Roshni can kill Jin, so she ended the relationship. Aman says there is still a relationship. Aman tells that Armaan’s relationship is still left which she cannot break. Rehan and Natasha are searching for the card when a sow comes to them and asks if they are looking for it. He asks who he is, he says that he has come to meet Jin.

Aman takes Armaan to Roshni. He wants to arouse love in Roshni’s heart through Armaan. But Roshni is irritated hearing the noise of Armaan’s crying. She says Aman should silence him as soon as possible. Aman says he is not able to keep him quiet so he asks her if she can try once? He forcefully hands Armaan into the Roshni. Roshni is emotional for a moment upon seeing Armaan. Aman says the mother’s love is still in her heart. Roshni throws Armaan to remove his misunderstanding. Aman catches him. Roshni says now he comes to know that something like love in her heart is over.

Baby sees a lizard who becomes a human. Baby goes home and shouts. Grandma comes and asks why Baby is making noise. Baby tells her about the lizard. Rehan also says that he also notices a sow man who has come for Kala Jin. Further, Aman faces another trouble when a man comes and messes with Armaan. At the same time Roshni is dressed like a bride and says that since she is free now, she will take advantage of this freedom. Episode end.

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