Shaadi Mubarak 9 October : Preeti gives a befitting reply to Tarun

At the beginning of the episode, KT asks Preeti whether this fake nail is hers. Preeti says, not at all. KT thinks, then who can it be? There Kusum scolds Priyanka as she has put her first earnings in fake nails. Juhi says its fashion nowadays. Kusum says that it is better if she does not say these fashion things in front of her.

There Chanda calls KT and congress him for his first loss. KT says whatever she wants to say. Chanda says that she wants to say that she can still be with KT, even if he wants to. KT is disgusted by this and angrily disconnects the phone and throws away the chairs.
Preeti is surprised to see this as she is seen only smiling KT. And she is surprised to see his other form. Preeti takes KT to a dosa wala to encourage him. There Preeti shows him how the first dosa goes haywire. Preeti tells KT that only then the others become better when the first dosa worsens, and this is how the first job deteriorates, but all the upcoming work is good.

Preeti tells that like Amitabh Bachchan was rejected earlier, and today he is Big B. Similarly, today, Nathmal rejected their project; one day, it will come when everyone recognizes their work. KT says she did not know that Preeti would lighten his mood. Then they talk and have a good time.Preeti reaches home when she finds Tarun. Tarun gives her a tape so that after 23 days when she comes, she comes with a close mouth. When Preeti feels that Tarun is happy with her defeat, she hears him narrating his childhood. In which she tells him how Tarun lost in a race in childhood and cried a lot. Then Preeti became his courage and went to practice in the field with him every day, and when he finally won, she was very happy.

Preeti says then she did not let Tarun lose, and neither will she lose herself anymore. That’s when Sumedh and Juhi come there. They praise Preeti. Juhi gives Preeti a card to Tarun and says that if he wants to talk about nonsense after today, then he comes by calling. Hearing Juhi’s taunt, Tarun’s mouth closes, and he leaves. Next, Preeti tells Juhi about the laptop mess, and KT tells his mother about it. KT’s mother suspects Preeti, but KT tells her that an honest woman like Preeti cannot do this. At the same time, Juhi and Preeti are confused about whose act it is. Episode end.

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