Anupamma 9 October : Anupama beats Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Leela taunts Kavya and Nandni and that people who roam around other houses, again and again, lose respect. Kavya remembers how she insulted Leela. So she goes to Leela and apologizes to her. Nandni gets irritated by seeing such antics. Kavya also goes to Anupama and apologizes to her as well. She says that she is apologizing for earlier mistakes and for the mistakes she is about to make next. Nandni notices her and Vanraj’s expression and feels angry. Anupama and Leela forgive her and ask her to enjoy the wedding.

Anupama notices that Nandni is sad; she asks her the reason for this. Nandani says that her jacket is damaged. Anupama says there is no need to be unhappy in such a small thing. Samar listens to her, and he also feels sorry. Paritosh and Pakhi also tease him for this. Kinjal also says that she too, knows what is going on between Samar and Nandni. She says she had noticed everything in the engagement. Kinjal also gives them a couple of names. And everyone laughs.

Next, everyone plays the musical chair, and Dolly is out first. After that Leela is getting out, but she starts taking Jayesh’s chair. But they start rounds again to stop the issue. Dolly’s daughter loses first. Then they take a break. Nandni thinks she should tell everything to Samar. But before she starts to speak, Anupama calls Samar and Nandani is unable to tell Samar anything.

The game starts all over again. Kavya snatches Anupama’s place, but Nandni keeps her place in the game by giving Anupama her place. Kavya gets angry, seeing Nandini’s sacrifice. After this Vanraj is out, but Anupama offers to give Vanraj her place. Kavya also does this by copying Anupama. But Vanraj says if he is out, then he will not take anyone’s place.

At the behest of Jeyesh, Anupama and Kavya fight verbally. In which Anupama tells Kavya that if someone has to snatches away some else love, then understand that it is not her. Anupama not only wins the war but also wins the game. Nandni tells Kavya that just as Anupama has won this battle, the upcoming challenge will also be won by only her. Episode end.

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