Yeh Hain Chahtein 9 October : Preesha stuck in between the weird situations

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash grasped Preesha’s hair and yelling cruel words against her. Preesha pleased him to leave her. Suddenly Saransh entered the room get shocked. Rudrakash left Preesha’s hair when he noticed Saransh at the entrance. Saransh came inside and started asking Rudrakash that why he was pulling Preesha’s hair. Rudrakash tried to fool him around, but he didn’t get into his words. Then Rudrakash told Saransh that they were checking whose hairs are stronger.

Gps came home to make some lunch for Preesha as she was an empty stomach since last night. A few moments later, society members arrived at the door with a letter that Rudrakash and Preesha can’t stay here anymore by taking their recent actions under consideration. Gps straightforwardly denied to the decision of the society. Vashudha went inside the room to see Saransh.

Saransh was trying to acknowledge that how come Rudrakash got hurt in his forehead. Preesha fooled him and turned down his questions. Saransh kisses on Rudrakash’s forehead to make him little relief from the pain. Then Saransh started insisting Preesha kiss on Rudrakash forehead too. But Ahana and Mishka entered the room and stopped Preesha and told her to maintain distance from Rudrakash, but Rudrakash told Ahana to keep quiet and signaled towards Saransh.
Neerja was searching for the tablet in the house, and suddenly she came across a drover that was locked. Then she went to find the keys of that drover.

Balraj entered the room and saw Preesha and started asking her why she came here, then Rudrakash asked Preesha to take Saransh out and buy him a chocolate shake. Then Rudrakash requested everyone to act normal in front of Saransh. Then Balraj said that today he would get discharged. Ahana and Mishka came outside and taunted Preesha that today Rudrakash will get discharged and go to Khurana’s House.

Rahul came back from the market and saw Neerja was finding something. Then Neerja fooled Rahul and said she was searching for the gold ring. Preesha made arrangements for sending Saransh back home as today, Rudrakash will go back to Khurana’s house without Saransh. Balraj completed all the formalities and took Rudrakash back home, and Preesha was upset and following them slowly in the hospital.

Episode ends……

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