Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 9 October: Manish’s unexpected recovery

At the beginning of the episode, Kartik and Naira were sitting and praying god for there baby. And afterward, Kartik distributed gifts to each child present in the house. Suddenly baby started crying, and Akhilesh took the baby in his arm and moved towards the baby swing. Manish was repeatedly calling out Kartik’s name, so Krishna came in front of her by wearing Kartik’s long shirt and pretend to be Kartik. From behind, Akhilesh went with the baby to make her sleep in the swing. Krishna requested Akhilesh to allow him to play with the baby for some time.

At the end of the ceremony, Krish has to hold the loose end of Naira’s saree and take her to the baby swing. Manish was regularly insisting Krishna play with her, but she busy with the small baby. Suddenly Akhilesh got an urgent call to attend that call, and he went outside the room. All the family members with Naira started moving towards the baby swing. Manish was a little upset because Krishna was not playing with her. So he went near the swing and picked up the baby in his arms. Krishna seeing this, came immediately and started requesting him to put back the baby. And from another side, all the family members went to the door. Manish legs muffled and were about to fall, but Kartik handled him, and Naira handled the baby. Then Manish gets fainted.

In the hall, all the family members were present. The doctor came and examined Manish and mentioned the stats normal. And said Manish would regain his consciousness in few hours. After a few minutes, Manish regained his consciousness. All the members came around him. Manish was acting normal and recovered from his mental illness. All of them cried out of happiness. Manish was asking everyone why they are crying. And in a few moments, he again got fainted. Akhilesh handled him made him settle on the couch.

Manish dressed well and came down the stairs. Everyone glanced at him, felt happy to go see him back.

Episode ends…….

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