Yeh Hain Chahtein 12 December 2020 Written Update : Mahima got the custody of Saransh

At the beginning of the episode, Rukdkrash was missing from the house. Preesha thought he left the house early in the morning. Shardha went to ask the driver about Rudkraksh. Preesha thought of Checking his passport in the locker, but she found nothing there. Balraj called high officials and requested them to stop Rudkraksh at the airport. Shardha came back and said Rudkraksh had not taken the car with him. Then they thought of moving towards the airport.

Mahima saw an article on her phone that Rudkraksh has been spotted at the international airport then she called Preesha and asked her about this. Preesha said she is not sure, but he might be taking him to out of India. Mahima started blaming Preesha for this and said I have not to trust you and said she would prevent Rukdkrash. Balraj said Rudkraksh is not doing right.

Mahima called her advocate and said, him to fix today’s date for hearing and thought of filing a case against Rudkraksh. Rudkraksh was sitting at the airport and thinking of escape from here as soon as possible. Cops at the airport went to him and asked him to come with them. Rudkraksh said his boardings all ready started, but cops said, Rudkraksh to come with us. Suddenly Balraj and Preesha arrived at the airport and tried to convince him that he has talked with the lawyer he will try his best. Balraj said, them to free Rudkraksh as he has not done anything. Suddenly cops received a call, and then they informed us that Mahima had filed a case against him, so we have to arrest him. Preesha was trying to call Mahima, but Rudkraksh prevented him from doing so. Balraj got a call that the court hearing date has shifted.

Preesha and Balraj went for the hearing there Mahima’s lawyer blamed Rudkraksh that Today Saransh was kidnapped and they were trying to take him out of India and claimed that Saranash is not safe with them. Rudkraksh’s lawyer tried to defend this allegation by saying Mahima was mentally unstable. Rudkraksh’s lawyer suggested bringing Saransh to the court and ask him to choose with whom he wants to stay. Mahima’s lawyer objected and said he could be manipulated to choose the one.

The judge stated that in recent days it is clearly seen that Saransh is not safe in Khurana house mad as per the latest report Mahima is mentally stable. Court gave custody to Mahima for 6 months, and there will be a check by officials that Sarnash is happy with her, Mahima can permanently keep Sarnashy with him.

Rudkraksh got to know that they lost the case. Rudkraksh started shouting and acting crazy. Rudkray started crying and panicking that how he will stay without him. Ruskray saw Preesha angrily.

Episode end

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