Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 12 December 2020 Written Update : A case against Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Sai kept her hand on Virat while sleeping, Virat slowly moved her hand aside, and suddenly Sai woke and apologized then Sai built a wall in between them using pillows. Seeing this, Virat suggested her to become an architect and to drop the idea of becoming a doctor. Sai said his idea funny and said to him to sleep. Virat noticed a gap in between, he was able to see Sai, and she also saw him noticing her.

Sonali came to the kitchen and asked about breakfast. Ashwini said she had not cooked anything yet. Suddenly Sai came and said she would make something for them, then Ashwini praised her for knowing cooking. Sai said she had learned thus from his father. Then Aswini said Virat only knows to boil water in the name of cooking. Pakhi was observing this. Sai said, Ashwini to rest as she will do all the work.

Pakhi noticed Virat is about to leave, and still, breakfast is not ready. Suddenly Bhavini came and tainted of being late for breakfast. Pakhi said she would arrange something for them as Virat is getting late for the office and Bhavini has to take medicines. Ashwini came and said Sai us making something special for everyone then said Pakhi, that why she is putting butter on bread as Sai is making. Then Ashwini taunted Pakhi for not coming to the kitchen.

Sai came with breakfast, and Pakhi taunted her for being late for breakfast. Sai said today they have to eat what I have cooked or else they will not get anything the whole day. Suddenly Baba came and hurriedly started eating and praised Pakhi, but Ashwini said Sai gas made this then Baba remains silent.

Sai and Pakhi both together placed their dishes, but Virat just drank milk and went off from there. High officials asked why he married Sai. Then he said he just obeyed the instructions of his mentor. Then he got to know that everyone is blaming him for marrying Sai forcefully. Then Virat got to know that Vithal has filed a case against him.

Virat shared this news with Sunny, and Suddenly Sau came and heard their conversation and thought that she is the reason if everything. Virat noticed Sai and said, Sunny, to keep this with him only. Sai started forcing Virat to eat the food. Virat pushed the plate and dropped everything on the floor. Suddenly Pakhi came and asked Virat about this. Sai taunted her for coming to her room without knocking. Sai said Virat that he had insulted the food and he has to clean all this. Pakhi came said to Sai not to act like this with him.

Virat said his dream of becoming an IPS officer and the effort which he has applied would all get drained. Then he said one of the goons had filed a case against him for forcing Sai to Marry him.

Episode end

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