Nagin 5 12 December 2020 written update – Bani revealed her Nagin avatar in front of her family

At the beginning of the episode, Bani asks everyone to leave the house as this house is dangerous. Tapesh asks about Chandakala. Veer says she is safe where ever she is, so don’t worry. Balwant says that they can’t trust Bani. Veer asks him to trust her as she never hurt them. They then leave with Bani. Tapesh asks Meera hows she. She says she is fine Bani takes them to a safe place. Pawan makes faces after seeing the small house.

Bani tells them that Tapesh and Meera’s engagement gonna happen here only. They clean the house then the duo exchange the ring. Everyone is happy for them. Later they celebrate while dancing. Balwant asks Bani what is going on. Bani says she doesn’t know. Ahead Veer and Bani dance together and share some romantic moments. While Meera starts going somewhere. Tapesh holds her. Meera gains her senses and ask why she is here. Tapesh wants to talk to Bani. Bani says they should leave.

Bani is in her serpent avatar. She is injured. Veer calls her name. Jai goes to handle Bani but Bani calls Veer. He gets surprised. Veer tells Bani that he is with her. Bani calls Veer again and again. Veer picks up her in his arm and takes her home from there. Bani opens her eyes and looks at Veer and says “Veer”. Veer smiles and says that today Bani only called his name which has given him a lot of happiness. He says he liked that Bani chose him today. He brings milk from Bani. Bani says she will not drink it. she adds she does not like milk at all.

He says if Bani did not drink milk, he will kiss her as a punishment. Bani says do not even dare do this. Veer forcefully feeds her. He says that he is so happy today that Bani held his hand and not Jai’s. Bani says don’t forget that he is still my friend. Veer says Jai tries to kill her, yet she is on his side. Bani says she knows that Jai did wrong but now he is with them. Veer says do not spoil his mood by talking about him.

Veer says that today Bani has chosen him and she will always choose him. Bani says no. Veer says yes. Bani says but she said no. She puts a pillow under her head and relaxes. Veer smiles upon seeing her. Both look into each other’s eyes. There Ritu is scared that Bani is a red snake. Meera says but still Bani belongs to them. Balwant comes and says that Bani is not a normal serpent but Adinagin. Ritu says no she has seen that Bani is a complete serpent. Meera tells her that Balwant meant to say that Bani is the first serpent who became a willful serpent. Tapash explains to her that there is a lot of things in the world apart from humans, so they should not be afraid.

Ritu says that maybe Tapish is right. Bani also cares for them a lot but how will she tell this thing to her husband that they have heart disease. Shukla takes Balwant forward. He says they have to do something of Chandrakala. Chandrakala thinks of harming Bani there. Ritu says did everyone know that Bani is a serpent? Tapesh says where is Meera. While Meera again falls into the trap of water. While Chandrakala wants to be free with the help of Chand.

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