Qurbaan Hua 12 December 2020 Written Update : Will Neel confess his love?

At the beginning of the episode, Alekh was about to shoot, but suddenly he heard police and sat down. Neel also went there and entered Masjid, but he thought of waiting for her at the main gate. Neel assumed Chahat and stopped other women then he said sorry to her. Then Neel thought of going inside and check whether Dr. Baigh is fine or not.

Alekh raised his gun upward and started firing bullets. Everyone started running here and there. Chahat saw a man who was firing and ran towards him. Alekh tried to escape, but Chahat grasped her and was trying to remove his mask, but he pushed her and fired towards her and went off. Neel came to Chahat and asked her what happened. Chahat said Bullet has just touched her. Neel said, Chahat to go home and said he would take Dr. Baigh to a safe place.

Guests arrived at Vyas Ji’s house and asked how Vyas Ji planned to do praying inside the house. Chahat was sitting in her room and thought something would be bad today, and suddenly Vyas Ji called Chahat.

Neel noticed Blood in her hand, and then Bhupender noticed that Dr. Baigh is injured with that bullet that passed by touching Chahat. Neel started panicking and praying to God to save him.

Vyas Ji requested to do a traditional dance after the prayer as Saraswati does. One of the guests asked Godhmbari for the washroom then she sent them to Neel’s room. While returning by mistake, they kicked the gun, which came downstairs near the couch.

Dr. Baigh told Neel that he has not killed her sister and said a man who is dying never speaks a lie. Neel got shocked and started to pull out the bullet from his body. Suddenly police came to Vyas Ji’s house and informed them that terrorists are hiding in a blue saree under burkha, Godhmbari doubted Chahat, but just after that, they noticed everyone was wearing a blue saree. Alekh said he has fired towards that woman, then Godhmbari says she will find out who is having an injury in their hand.

Neel confessed his love for Chahat. Bhupender said, him to confess his love, But Neel said before confessing he will first share this with Mira, as she is in hope. That I still love her, and I am just staying with Chahat for revenge. Then Neel texted Mira about all these. Alekh informed Vyas Ji that in our house, one Muslim girl is present. Vyas Ji received a notification then he got surprised to see it.

Episode end

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