Choti Sarrdaarni 12 December 2020 Written Update – Sarab leaves his mansion with his family

At the beginning of the episode, Sarab said it doesn’t matter how much a father does for his son because the mother’s priority remains at the top. Meher said Sarab that, you make us feel safe. Meher said this money doesn’t matter to her a lot as you make me complete. Sarab wiped her tears and kissed her on her forehead. Sarabjeet with his family was leaving this house before going they looked at their house and recalled their past moment. Param measures his height and said, Harleen that he will recheck his height after coming back. Sarab recalled his past moment how he uses to measure Param and Karan height. Meher was also feeling sad and recalled her past moment how she uses to play with Param. Then they came near the dining table and recalled how Sarab use to cook for them, and Meher helped him.

All the bodyguards and staff members were gathered in one place. They were also sad about seeing Sarab going from this house. Sarab said to everyone that this house is made because of their efforts and loyalty and said they to continue with the same effort as only the owner of the house is changed the house is the same as it was before. One of the staff gave an envelope to Sarab and said he is resigning from his position as he can not stay here without him. Sarab said, him not to do this as they need them and your support of yours.

Vikram was feeling angry seeing them Taking Karan with them, but Aditi held his hand said him not soil her plan. Param said to Harleen that he would miss him. Harleen hugged her and said she too will miss him and starts crying. Param said, her not to cry as they are going to play a game. Param went to Aditi and asked her to wish him luck for his game.

Param said Sarab to take Ajay, uncle with us. Sarab states we can’t take anyone with us. Param tells okay, he says I will get back. Ajay’s uncle delivers me yummy soup when I come back. Sarab says to Aditi nothing is more important than you. We are leaving this house. Vikram hugs Karan and says you don’t have to do all this. Sarab says let’s go Meher. Meher and Sarab are stepping out of the house. Aditi stops them.

Episode ends.

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