Naagin 5 13 December 2020 written update – Veer is in captivity

At the beginning of the episode, Meera arrives in the jungle while all are searching for her and finds her by the side of the sea. Meera tells them to stay away from her and threatens that she will jump if they come near her. Veer tells Bani that you become a serpent and go forward, I come from behind. Bani says that Meera is not yet conscious, she will have to do something carefully. Bani asks Tapesh to stop Meera. Tapesh says stop Meera don’t go anywhere. He says that if she jumps then he will also jump because he loves her and cannot live without her. Meera asks Samundra why he is doing this to her. The deities from the sea say that because she is his part. she is her daughter Waridhi.

Ritu says no Meera is her daughter. Gods of the sea say that Meera is her daughter, she could not become her daughter in this birth, but now he has got remedy too and now Meera can come to him if she wants. Meera says she loves Tapesh so she will not come with him. He says it’s fine and goes from there. Ritu says she thought Meera will leave her and go away from them. Bani says how can Meera leave her love and leave. Veer says right. Veer asks Bani, whom she would choose. And does she still feel that she is in a forced marriage? Bani says she likes to answer the opposite, so she is saying yes she is in a forced marriage.

Next, Ritu asks Bani what color dress she should wear. Meher says orange colored. Bani says she liked blue but Meher is saying orange is fine too. Ritu says no she will wear what Bani has said. Bani says Meera’s mehndi happens at 5 pm today. Then she serves tea to everyone. Veer says he will drink Bani’s made tea and then questions Bani again. Bani says you extinguish the puzzle, you will get the answer. Next, Veer comes to know what Bani wants to say. He goes to Bani. Bani goes to the room and there is Jai. He looks at the decoration and says that he knows it is for someone else. Bani says she did not want to hurt his heart. Jai says that they were always a companion but now things have changed, which he does not want to put the blame. Jai goes from there.

Veer overhears their words and says Bani confuses him. He says why Bani is keeping Jai on his side, he gets angry. Bani further thinks whether Veer has not got the answer yet. She says is he so stupid? That’s when the Veer comes. He teases Bani. Bani asks him why he is angry with her. He says he came to decode her code but he got something else. Bani leaves from there. Balwant gets irritated seeing Daksha and Ponki with Meher and Kehar. Bani and Veer also come forward. Bani makes mehndi and writes the name of Veer in it. Meera teases her. Veer is a bit upset there. And Balwant asks him about Chandrakala and tells him how devilish she is and wants her to be punished.

Chandrakala gets the moon’s rays. Chandrakala says that now she can see the full moon, then she will not leave Bani. Bani comes to talk to Veer. She says she wants to show him something. Veer says that he has already seen everything. Daksha and Ponki take Veer with them. They dance and Bani thinks why Veer is angry. Bani becomes unhappy. While Chandrakala gets the light of the moon and she laughs and says now she will show Bani what she can do. She says that she has not lost any battle to date, so how will she lose now. The priest of Nago approaches the Panditin and show her the moon. Panditine says this means Chandrakala’s powers have awakened again and now she has become even more powerful. And wants to cast a spell on someone. There Veer faces moonlight.

Chandrakala says someone saw the moon and now he has fallen into its trap. Panditin says someone has seen the moon, now nothing can happen. Now the one who is captivated will do strange things. Naag priest asks but who is captivated. There Veer stares at the moon and Bani calls him. She asks for his forgiveness, she even tries to explain the things but Veer pushed her. She falls and asks Veer to help her. Veer notice her mehndi and ask if she put it for Jai. Bani says no. While Veer uses some words for Bani which hurt her. He even pushed her so hard which make everyone shocked.

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