Shaadi Mubarak 14 December 2020 Written Update – Nandni comeback at Tibrewal house

At the beginning of the episode, Kusala is happy to know that Arjun is coming. Shivraj asks if KT agreed. Kusala asks curse as Arjun is his son. While Neil is going somewhere. Kusala stops her, she says today her grandson is going to come so don’t go, stay here. Neil says but he needs to go for his studies. Kusala asks him to skip it. She then asks her to leave his room for Arjun. This thing hits Sneha’s mind, she tries to stop Kusala from doing so but Neil says he will shift his stuff to another room.

Preeti asks KT if Nandni agreed to this. KT tries to ignore this question of Preeti. Kusala says from now on we will only eat Arjun’s favorite food. Sneha says but we don’t even know what Arjun’s liking is. Preeti says don’t worry they can ask Nandni about it on the phone call. KT stops her. Preeti got confused. Later Arjun came. Kusala is very happy. She welcomes him. While Arjun calls his mother. Everyone is shocked.

Nandni asks what happened, why they are so stunned? Did KT didn’t told them that she is coming? She goes towards Preeti and asks if KT didn’t tell her too. KT lies that he told Preeti. Preeti also joins KT in his lie and says yes she knew it. Kusala asks then why didn’t she told them. Nandni says she thinks that they need to talk to each other while she can wait for them in the car. She goes. Shivraj asks KT why he gave this permission to Nandni. KT tells them when he is in hospital Arjun asks him to include Nandni also as she can’t stay without her. So that’s when he says okay and now he came with Nandni.

Shivraj disagrees with this decision of KT. While Kusala supports KT and says what KT did is only for his son. Shivraj says but what about Preeti? KT says this decision also of Preeti. They then call Nandni. Nandni taunts Preeti saying that KT always lies for her. When they are married KT used to lie to her and went with her on the date. Preeti asks then why she left him behind. Preeti fires back and shut her mouth. While Arjun calls Nandni and asks her to help him. Kusala says KT will help. Arjun says but he needs his mom too. Kusala nods and goes.

Nandni looks towards Preeti and says Arjun and can’t live without him and KT can’t leave without Arjun but they can live without her. There, Rati arrives at Kusum’s house. She makes a laugh at their critical conditions. She gives her some old house and asks to get some help from the government as they help poor people. Kusum gives her 2k note and tells that her beg’s condition is so bad perhaps she doesn’t have money after buying a big car. She tells Rati to make her burn that Sumedh is doing good with his shop and now even Juhi has a wonderful job at Tibrewal company. Rati gets irritated.

Another side, KT asks Arjun if he likes his room and if not then tells him, he will redecorate it. Nandni came and ask KT to stay with them for a while. KT says no his wife is waiting for him. He goes towards his room. Preeti asks him to shut the door. He does the same. While Preeti shouts at him as to why he lied to her.

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