Anupamma 14 December 2020 Written Update – Vanraj leave Kavya’s house

At the beginning of the episode, Lila asks Anupama if she again wants to do a job. Anupama says yes, she wants to do it for her family. She asks Lila to support her in this. There Devika asks Didi to give this job to Anupama. While Rakhi and Kinjal sitting in the car. Rakhi watching Paritosh’s ring and thinks that Shah’s family will come to her and she will wait for them. Nandni asks Samar what happened, why he looks so tensed. Samar says first he needs a job and second Paritosh. He adds Paritosh is very upset after Rakhi’s arrival.

Nandini asks him to stay with him so that he can’t take some wrong step. Kavya asks Vanraj to have Thai curry. Vanraj asks her to make dal for him. Kavya says she is tired. Vanraj makes faces. Kavya thinks for sure Vanraj is thinking about Anupama. She then agrees to make dal for him. Vanraj happily hugs her while Anirudh came. There Anupama tries to console Paritosh while Paritosh shouts at her and says because of her and Vanraj he and Kinjal are suffering and if they take some wrong step then don’t make a point on him.

He leaves while Samar is looking forward to Anupama. Meantime Vanraj asks Anirudh to leave. Anirudh says no. He adds that whenever he came to Ahmadabad he lives here only. Vanraj asks Kavya to remove this man from this house. While Anirudh stays still. This makes Vanraj angry and he leaves the house. Kavya gets upset. Vanraj visits Shah’s house. He says he came here for Paritosh. He looks at the dining table. Lila asks Vanraj to have some food. Vanraj says no. Lila says if he doesn’t have food then she can’t too gulp it.

Anupama gets up and serves Vanraj thali. Vanraj says he can go with Anupama to Dave’s house. Anupama asks if he only came for this. Vanraj watches her. Anupama says never mind he will cook more food for him. Babuji thinks the man who leaves his wife can’t get peace in his life like Vanraj who can’t even get some food. There Samar asks Anupama why she is cooking food for Vanraj. Anupama says he is hungry thus. Anupama serves Vanraj some thepla.

While Vanraj thinks that he did wrong by leaving his house as he used to live here like a king and now he won’t have any place to live. Kavya is calling him but Vanraj didn’t pick up. Kavya gets upset. She blames Anirudh for this.

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