Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 December 2020 Written Update : Will Naira able to meet Kairav?

At the beginning of the episode, Kairav explained to Kartik how the boys came and said sorry to him. Kartik said it would be Naira behind all this. Kairav highest him and said I miss her a lot why she did not meet him. Ridhima and Nairs were talking with each other. Nairs showed her shopping stuff and went inside for a while. Ridhima stood on the balcony suddenly, Kartik came with a flower and misunderstood Ridhima as Naira and requested her not to turn as he want to confess something. The. Kartik expressed his feeling and recited poetry, to which Ridhima was listening carefully.

Kartik went near her and said Naira with clapping and said poetry was good, but his direction was wrong. Then Kartik found Ridhima was there on the balcony and felt embarrassed. Kartik requested the maid to keep Akshara for some more time as he is taking her for a date. Ridhima thought in her mind that Naira is so lucky and wished that someone like Kartik would be there in her life too.

Kartik took Naira and gave her a surprise and then had a couple of dances. Then they both shared feelings. Then Kartik praised Naira for saving him from that boys. Then Kartik said Kairav is melting slowly, and soon he would be meeting you. Naira got happy and said he is very happy and she is willing to go and love him. Kartik thought of visiting Ridhima and ask her about this.

They both went to Ridhima and said to her that now Kairav needs her mother, not a Counselor. Ridhima stood and said you are not anyone to think when he needs me or not and said she is not goit anywhere leaving him. Then Suddenly, Rudhima came back to her senses, and it was all her imagination. Then Ridhima said to them go and meet him but be ready to apart from him.

Ridhima said they are hurrying for this. Naira said she is having an idea as we will ask Kairav that if he wants to meet Akshara. Ridhima denied to get involved in this idea, but Kartik said he would do this. Naira wished him luck and said to him to handle him properly.

Episode end

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