Yeh Hain Chahtein 14 December 2020 Written Update – Preesha is planning something mysterious

At the beginning of the episode, Rudkraksh started blaming Preesha for what happened. Rudkraksh told him that you are the real reason for my tears. Rudkraksh with teary eyes said to Preesha that he did want to see her anymore and went off. Balraj and Rudkraksh went off in a car, and Preesh was still standing there.

Preesha went to the temple with tears in her eyes and asked God what they have put her in such a situation. Preesha joined her hands and requested God to find a way through which Saranash come back to Rudkraksh again. Preesha said to God that now it is your duty to show me a path. Preesha was returning from temple suddenly an old photograph Mahima was lying down on the floor and as she was about yo pick a mad person came and picked that and started saying that this is my Anjali and asked Preesha that she have seen her. Preesha was a little shocked at her Mahima photograph and requested the Mad man to show her that photo, but he ran away with that.

Preesha got a notification that her marriage anniversary is about to come after 2 days and thought of requesting her to leave Saransh with them for 2 more days. But Mahima was not willing to leave him there for a single minute. Preecha said it was Saransh plan to celebrate our Anniversary then Mahima agreed to her words.

Preesha thought of Calling and informing him. Rudkraksh was crying in his room by recalling all past moments with Saransh. Rudkraksh was not picking preesha to call them she dropped a voice note that she has a plan to keep Saransh with the and requested him to come to her location. Rudkraksh went there, and Preesha told him that Saransh would be staying with us in those 2 days we have plan something.

Shardha was feeling sad for Saranash at the table. Preesha and Rudkraksh came downstairs and informed us that after 2 days we are having our first wedding anniversary, so Preesha is organizing a party for all of us. Ahana taunted Preesha to keep our level in mind before doing anything. Shardha was a little confused to See Preesha and Rudkraksh happy. Preesha said, Sharadha to stay calm, and everything will be ok.

Preesha went to Yuvraj and asked him for the divorce papers. Yuvraj asked him what happened in between them that she is divorcing him. Preesha denied revealing anything and said, him to be ready for tomorrow. All came back from shipping, and Saransh went to show her toy to Balraj. A staff member came with a file and asked Preesha for the signature that Preesha mixed divorce papers in that and asked Rudkraksh to sign that papers.

Preesha felt happy after Rukdkrash signed all the papers. Preesha said she is going to Salon, and from there she will be coming directly to the party. Preesha called Yuvraj and asked him to meet at the location and said today Rukdkrash would be shocked.

Episode end

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