Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 14 December 2020 Written Update – Sai argued with Virat

At the beginning of the episode, Virat said Pakhi that he did very wrong to take the posting of Goadchiroli as now his whole career and reputation are at risk. Virat said because of whom he is in this trouble that girl has come to feed me. Pakhi advised Virat to stay calm and think about how can we fix this problem.

Virat said he is not able to understand what to do as Vithal id having power and no one will go against him. Sai came forward and said I told him to go away but he remained there. Pakhi said them not to argue with each other as this time is to think about solving the problem. Sai said she will not forget this insult and went to Usha and said to Usha that tomorrow they have to go outside for something important.

Virat went to Ushs and asked about Sai but Usha took a stand for her and said she only told her to sleep with her as she is not feeling well. Virat was missing Sai and was not able to sleep. Sai was also recalling all her past moments with Virat.

Bhavini and Sonali asked Pakhi to not down the grocery things. Karishma requested to bring oats for her as she is thinking of losing weight. Bhavini denied adding Oats to the list. Bhavini asked Pakhi to add what she likes to eat. Karishma felt sad. Baba said Bhavini to bring a few packets of Oats.

Usha and Sai were leaving suddenly Bhavini stopped them and said without informing them they can not go anywhere as this is the rules of this house. Pakhi said them not to force her as she is very rude.

Pakhi said Virat to go as he is having some important work in his office. Bhavi forced Sai to reveal for what she is going out. Sai said she will reveal but after coming back and went off.

Episode end

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