Kundali bhagya 14 December 2020 Written Update : Kareena notice Mahira’s wrong deeds

At the beginning of the episode, Karan makes Preeta out of his room and says now he can live happily in his room. Preeti is angry and she goes downstairs. Preeti thinks of sleeping on the sofa. She thinks but what if someone notices her. She says if Mahira seen her here, she becomes happy. And if Rakhi and Dadi saw her here then they become sad and thought that they had a fight. She then makes herself comfortable on the sofa and sleeps. Karan thinks about Preeta. There Kareena notices sleeping Preeta. She thinks that Karan and Preeta had a fight thus she came here for sleeping and perhaps Preeta and Karan’s bond is not like husband and wife.

She smiles and goes to the kitchen to fetch some water. Meantime Karan came and ask Preeta to come with him. While Preeta is in deep sleep. He picked up Preeta in his arms and goes to the room. He thinks to throw Preeta. While Preeta wakeup and pushes him. She runaway while Karan goes behind her. They both laughs. Karan asks her to always laugh so as she looks pretty when she laughed. Later Preeta tricks Karan and makes him out of the house. She asks Karan to sleep on the sofa. She makes fun of him. Karan leaves.

Ahead Kareena notice Karan on the sofa. She asks him to go to your room. But Karan is in deep sleep. She thinks to scold Preeta. There Preeta thinks that Karan deserves only this as he is the one who fought. She recalls how Karan adores his favorite pink pillow. She touches his pillow and says her hands are softer than this pillow. Kareena comes to Preeta. She is about to shout at her but thinks that she will scold her later in the morning. Then Preeta asks Karan to come into the room. Karan says first apologize to him. Preeta did the same. Karan now asks her to say some good words for him. Preeta did this too.

Then Karan asks her to pick him up as he did. Preeta says are you crazy. How can she picked him up, did he notice his weight. Karan says fine I will not come. Preeta says fine stay here. Karan looks on. He says no he will go with her. Later Mahira is in the kitchen. Sherlyn asks her why she is here? Mahira says she wants to cook food for Luthras but don’t know how to cook.

Sherlyn says she thinks that Preeta had cooking classes to capture Luthra’s heart. But soon they will defeat her. While Preeta comes and asks what they are talking about. Sherlyn says about Karan’s team. Preeta catches her lie and says that she know that they are talking about her. She taunts them while Rakhi calls Preeta. Preeta leaves. Mahira and Sherlyn think to put salt on Preeta’s chai. They are doing this while Kareena captures them.

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