Barrister babu 14 December 2020 written update – Anirudh taunts Mini

At the beginning of the episode, the principal asks who finds zero. Bondita rings the bell. The principal asks girls who are sleeping then who rings the bell. Mini says maybe they bell it in sleep so he should ask the next question. Anirudh asks for some time. He asks girls to wakeup as this is their last chance. Bondita wakeup and give an answer. She says Aryabhat finds zero. Later all the girls wakeup. Mini apologizes to Greenwood and says she doesn’t know how girls are wakeup.

While Anirudh taunts Mini. Later boys are taking nap. The Principal asks what is happening here first girls goes to sleep and now boys. Mini says maybe Anirudh did something. He mixed something in the food. Greenwood says if Anirudh did so then he will punish him. Anirudh says but he didn’t even go to the boy’s section. He then leaves by saying that he will come soon. Later he arrives with the Mahabharata book. He asks Mini to read it. He adds that Anirudh asked her to read it but she didn’t thus now she doesn’t have any idea how boys eat drugged rasgullas.

Mini says Anirudh you can’t do this. Anirudh says why only she can play with them, he can’t? He tells Mini that he notices Ilaichi with her. While Bondita showed her Mini’s gift which she gave to Ilaichi. Mini looks angry. The principal says that girls ranked ahead of boys. Mini tries to make boys wakeup. While Anirudh asks her to stay away from boys. After a while boys also wakeup and starts giving answers. Then the boys got 9 points and the girls got 8 points.

The principal asks girls to pushes themselves more to win this competition. Mini says to Greenwood that they are going to win. Greenwood says yes surly. Trilochan comes to Anirudh. He whispers in Anirudh’s ears that as soon as this competition ends leave from here as they are going to leave Tulshipur. Anirudh asks him to watch on the scoreboard. He adds that they will not leave as girls gonna win this competition.

Trilochan feels happy. Later Bondita recalls Anirudh wards that whenever she becomes nervous then only thinks about her goal and her nervousness fades eventually. He asks Bondita to also support her team member in the critical time. Bondita smiles seeing Anirudh. She holds her team members hand and gives them courage.

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